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My apologies! As you may or may not have noticed, I have been mostly absent from my own blog, reading blogs, Instagram, Twitter (not that I’m on Twitter that much)… you name it, I haven’t been there. This has been going on a couple of weeks now. But I promise it’s all for a good reason and not bad: we’re suddenly involved in a very exciting but somewhat stressful and very time-consuming home project here at the Golly Ranch!

I’m not going to go into any details about it all until it’s said and done and I tell the full tale, but I thought you might at least like a glimpse into what’s going on right now…

I created this mood board over a week ago, and 5 of the 9 things have changed slightly since then (vanity color, entire tile plan in the shower, paint color, floor tile, faucet). But the basic concept hasn’t changed, so hopefully you can pick up on the fact that it’ll be a mix of retro and modern, and will hopefully do our 1955 ranch proud. I’ll be excited to share the details with you once we’re on the other side!

To pass the time in my mostly-continued-absence while I obsess over this project, I’ll soon be sharing some winter and spring sewing projects I never got a chance to blog about. Hopefully that will tide you over until I’m back to a normal routine. Which may or may not be before our trip to the UK at the end of May… boy, it’s going to be a busy month!

Bear with me, and hopefully you’ll see a bit of me from the trenches here and there. :)

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Golly, 15 Comments!

  • Can’t wait to see how it turns out–I am sure it will be fabulous!

    We’re currently redoing the master bedroom in our 1952 house–of course I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture, but I plan on posting ‘after’ photos when it’s finished :-)


  • It’s always fun to have home projects!!!
    Nice to learn that you are coming in our old Europe!


  • Ooh! I like where you’re going with that! Can’t wait to see. Good luck and have fun! <–as much fun as one can have during renovation that is


    • I know you sure know what it’s like! Hopefully it won’t be too bad, but it won’t stop me from being anxious. ;) I’ll take lots of photos along the way!


  • Also I have to redo the bathroom, who knows when, and I thought the floor just like yours. I look forward to more photos.
    good job


  • Fun project! You’ve probably already discovered for great mid-century hardware and lighting. I can vouch for the very high quality of their products, as my whole house is Rejuvenation lighting and hardware. Totally worth the investment.

    I would add a caution about the small glass tile for the shower floor. I have that type of tile on one bathroom floor (not even a shower) and I find it very difficult to clean the grout. It’s also tough to get it completely straight, even though it comes on sheets. I would never use it again in a high traffic area. Maybe on a wall or as an accent?

    Good luck!


    • Thanks! I appreciate the tile advice, though we’ve already made our final decisions at this point (the tile will not be quite what I pictured, and opaque). I’m not terribly concerned about the grout cleaning issue… we had small tile in our condo bathroom for 10 years. Although who knows what tune I’ll be singing in 6 months when I’m trying to keep everything showroom new. ;)

      And yes, I love Rejuvenation! In fact that’s where the towel ring and hook came from. I’m happy to hear your personal testimonial. Though we haven’t used it yet obviously, I’m very pleased with the quality of the items I ordered!


  • Ah this is exactly what I have been doing lately! Its so fun to kind of see what it will look like in the not too distant future (hopefully!) isn’t it? :)


  • Holey moley! Loving those starburst fixtures!


  • How wonderfully exciting! Your mid-century decor always knocks my socks off, so I’ll be champing at the bit to see what you’ve been busy with on the interior design front lately.

    Hope all goes awesomely with your project!
    ♥ Jessica


  • How exciting! I can’t wait to see the final results :)


  • Oh, how exciting. Good luck with it all!


  • Eeeps! Those fixtures are fantastic!! Can’t wait to see the finished results <3


  • Oooooo! So excited to see it when it’s finished!


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