Pink elephants on parade

Wow, I’m so excited to see that there is some interest in a vintage sweater knit-along!  I will definitely do this.

It sounds like several people could use the motivation of working together that an ‘along’ brings, want to finally dabble their toe in the vintage knitting waters, need a bit of extra help with the details or just want to work on their first garment. I’ll think about the best way to go about all this, so expect to hear more about it and perhaps some questions for you soonish. The beauty of a knit-along that’s blogged is even if you don’t keep pace (because let’s face it, starting other projects can be alluring…), it’s all permalinked so you’ll have the resources at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Anyway, I’m determined to make some progress on my Miss Laverty’s Motoring Hood. I sat down to do a little bit of knitting on it yesterday. It’s slow going since it’s 1×1 ribbing the entiiiire way, but I’m about a third done with the scarf part. Then I’ll have to do the hood part. I think I want to line the hood with something warm and soft—what do you think would be appropriate, warm, yet still have a vintage feel to it when I don’t feel like wearing the hood up?

Then I got a little silly. I’m always trying to fit my knitting into vintage purses, and unless I’m knitting a sock, it’s a futile endeavor. The yarn may fit…

…but certainly not the actual knitting.

Nada. Nope. Never. You don’t know how many times this scene has played out even though I know the ending. I sit there with knitting in one hand, a purse in another, knowing full well the knitting is way bigger than the purse. Yet still I try. Because oh, I do love little vintage purses so.

This is one that I think is particularly cute. I just got from Etsy. It’s totally not appropriate for winter use, with little painted gold, white and pink shells encased behind laminate on a glittery woven straw background (there’s a lot going on for one little purse!). So I’ve just been content with walking around the house with it, dressed up, like Sophia from the Golden Girls. (Remember how Estelle Getty always carried her wicker purse around the house?)

In case you’re wondering, yes, I did knit that pink elephants sweater. Incidentally, if you’re a fan of pink elephants like I am (and why wouldn’t you be?), I highly recommend looking up “Pink Elephants on Parade” by Lee Press-On and the Nails on iTunes, it’s an amazing version of the tune from Walt Disney’s Dumbo. Mel found it for me last week and I practically jumped out of my skin with excitement when I first heard it.

(And I was about to apologize again for my messy hair, so let’s just put it out there: my hair is frequently messy. I have a bit too much lazy tomboy in me to be that good of a fancy dame!)

So now please tell me I’m not the only one fantasizing about beachy things like seashell purses and open-toed shoes when it’s 3° F outside?

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  • Oh my, I love that sweater! Pink elephants are seriously awesome!


  • Love the elephant sweater!! You are inspiring me to learn how to knit. Can you do a post for newbies? What sort of learning aids to you recommend and any tips you may have?

    Love the blog! Keep it coming!


  • The elephants! I can’t believe you made that. Tennessee got one last wallop of snow last night and we are ti-i-i-i-icked. Used to some cold weather, but definitely not the amount we’ve gotten this year. I keep thinking of beach destinations. You’re right in being cheered up by that purse…I love any kind of over-the-fabric-laminate from the sixties’, it’s so practical yet kitsch. 🙂 Good luck on your new project!


  • I LOVE your sweater, boy I wish I could find that pattern I would have my mum knit it up for me in a shot! Sorry chick I’ll watch the knit along and be inspired but still can’t quite get the knit along going for me. Oh and it’s blumming freezing here in the UK too today!


  • Thanks guys!

    @Temperamental Broad Yay, always love new blog followers! I would totally be happy to do a newbie knitter post, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll think about it and try and write something up next week. 🙂


  • @Straight Talking Mama! I only wish I had more hours in the day so I could crank out more knitting. Sometimes I wish I had someone to knit for me, too. LOL

    Warm wishes to everyone else who’s f-r-e-e-e-e-zing too!


  • I LOVE the elephant sweater! Yes, I dream about open toed sandals and pretty spring dresses this time of year.


  • What’ll I do? What’ll I do? What an unusual view!

    Love the sweater. I’m a huge Dumbo fan. I tried to watch the video for the cover of the song but it crashed on me. Will try again later!


  • I love that motoring hood! I knitted one of those scarf/hat combo things years ago and it was the one of the most useful things I’ve ever made. Warms your neck and your head and can also protect your hairdo. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find mine for years now, so maybe I’ll make the that motoring hood? Though 1×1 ribbing sounds painful.

    I am OVER the cold, though our cold is nowhere near as bad as yours. I just miss my dresses and open-toed shoes. BOO on cold.


  • @Moe I haaaate ribbing but I think it’ll be worth it since it makes it that much squishier and thicker. The pattern calls for DK weight but it’s such a simple pattern (literally 90% of it is knit a scarf, knit a hood, fold hood, sew hood, sew hood to scarf) that I bumped it up to worsted weight. I figured it would be faster AND warmer!


  • Oh my, I can;t believe you made that sweater! How incredibly fabulous!
    And no, you are not the only one….it’s chilly over here in the UK, but I am dreaming of summer sun and thinking up summer outfits I need to own! xx


  • I love that sweater it looks great!!


  • I am loving everything about your cute blog! That sweater is so great! Zootsuitmama


  • I love the sweater! AMAZING!


  • Love the elephant sweater! I would LOVE to find a purse like Sophia’s. Perfect size for toting a smaller project!


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