Weekend round-up

This weekend flew by! I didn’t even have any time to knit or sew. Yesterday was the first time we were able to see Mel’s parents to exchange (obviously belated) Christmas gifts, so we had them over for lunch. Then like entertaining superheros, we turned right around and hosted an impromptu gathering with some of our friends last night.

Our friend Jen made yummy bruschetta. I was going to make our popular roasted garbanzo bean snack and then post the recipe here, but we decided there was already enough food, so you’ll have to wait for that another time. 😉

Emma, who’s from Wales, brought back a bottle of the Welsh whiskey Penderyn when she was home over Christmas.

Mel was trying to decide what it smelled like before tasting. The whiskey drinkers among our circle of friends (which does not include me) gave it a thumbs up.

This is me in our very plain jane kitchen. I really want to paint it and spruce it up but it’s a small galley kitchen, so there’s not much to work with. I have a few plans in my head rolling around, though.

I’m crap about doing outfit posts, so all I can really tell you about the above outfit is the overalls are from Jitterbugin made with a vintage wool plaid. I wish I had several more pair in solid colors for winter! The plaid is fun but kind of limiting to just the right blouse, so the scalloped peter pan collared one I’m wearing is literally the only one I have that I can wear with them right now.

After all the flurry of entertaining yesterday, we had a lazy morning and then went thrifting. Sadly we came up completely empty. To add insult to injury, there were two potentially great finds that weren’t meant to be!

Great find that wasn’t meant to be #1: a boxed set of 78s of Bing Crosby singing cowboy songs. I absolutely adore Bing Crosby and we both love anything cowboy-related, so at first glance this really excited us. Then Mel opened it up… and it wasn’t any of the right albums. Curses!

Great find that wasn’t meant to be #2: a vintage woman’s Pendleton jacket in pastel blue with a light yellow, peach and brown plaid. I love a good Pendleton. Sadly, this wasn’t a good Pendleton. Well it was at some point in its life, but those days were long gone. Now it had lots of stains, dozens of small holes and only one button. So disappointing! My only consolation was that someone obviously loved this jacket, and loved it hard, for a long, long time.

After the crummy thrift store experience we had an early Sunday dinner at a favorite haunt, the Lincoln Restaurant. Basically a big diner with several rooms, lots of wood paneling and Abraham Lincoln memorabilia. One neat thing about this place is they host un-diner-like events, like a Monday Banjo night, a Saturday night free speech forum, and comedy nights.

We found out about the free speech forum in 2006 on accident, when we went there with friends prior to a Halloween party. Someone happened to be speaking about gun control laws in the front room. There we were in the back room, dressed like Bonnie and Clyde, fake guns and all. What miscreants!

The Lincoln also has really good food. Oh, and Cokes the size of your head.

I swear I don’t make it a habit of consuming odd things like tiki drinks and Coca Cola out of beer steins, though the last two weekends may lead you to believe otherwise.

Now we’re just relaxing and watching documentaries.

Hope you had a lovely weekend like we did!

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  • You both are too cute. Love the last picture especially.

    Oh and the Lincoln Restaurant rocks.


  • Aww, I love that last picture of you two. Aren’t you the cutest!


  • I have a galley kitchen too. It was all white when I moved in but a can of paint and some cute accessories helped tons! Thats too bad about the potential finds. We had better luck thrifting today. Tons of great stuff that will go in our (future) store, but its so hard to give some of it up!! A piece or two just may sneak its way into my closet. lol!


  • Thanks Elisa and Kate! ♥

    @Temperamental Broad, I’m so glad at least someone had great thrifting finds today! And a store, how exciting. I would soooo have a hard time not wanting to keep everything for myself. One for the store, one for me, one for the store, two for me… 😉


  • I’m beginning to think that you only drink gigantic novelty-sized beverages…

    I love this post because it makes me feel like I spent the weekend with you two. And those overalls are beyond awesome. I have a great pattern from Decades of Style for a similar pair, but so far I have only made them whit a skirt (jumper-style) and I’m afraid of how the pants might look on me. Though seeing yours makes me want to give it a try now. It’s a pretty easy patten to make – you should pick up a copy and make a pair!


  • Aw you do look cute!

    I love those plaid overalls, I’d love something like that but I’d a bit too on the weighty side I think, but I’m tempted!


  • Sounds like a fun weekend! Cute overalls. There are some great companies in the UK making overalls in different colors. With your skills, I’m sure you can make your own in whatever fabric you choose, also 🙂


  • @Moe Wah, I wish we had spent the weekend with you! I know exactly the pattern you mentioned, but I have been too chickenshit to buy it to try. The skirt style is really cute too.

    @Straight Talking Mama! Thanks! I think the skirt style can be more flattering for a lot of body types. And some overall styles are just a miss… I ordered a pair once that made me look like a pear!

    @Kim Bombshell For as much as I love and wear overalls I really do need to learn to sew my own. Not quite there yet in the skillz department but hopefully this year!


  • That bruschetta looks so good! and I love the last photo of you two.


  • Such a great photo of you two! I just love the red contrasting with the green walls, and you look great together.
    Those overalls are fab! Although now I am coveting everything on the Jitterbugin site 😉 I think you would be surprised at how easy vintage trousers are to sew up. The fit is so generous, that it’s tough to go wrong.


  • Just found your blog via DeluxeVille..just have to say, you two are the most stylish couple I’ve seen in a long time. Too cute!


  • Thanks guys! ♥


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