So, you may have heard we got a bit of snow over the last 24 hours here in Chicago?

I worked from home and Mel stayed home, so we bundled up in our deepest winter gear and went on a walk during lunch.

In the photo above, I was already standing on top of about 6 inches of snow. I think we got about 20″ total in the city. The photos are beautiful today, but don’t get me wrong, it was downright dangerous yesterday. On the walk home we actually had to take a 3 block detour through an alley and side street because the snow, ice and wind were so bad we could barely walk. In fact, out of our living room window we saw several people being literally blown into things by the wind.

But today, once the weather settled down, the most amazing thing we experienced was that we got to walk onto Lake Shore Drive. For those of you unfamilar with the city, it’s a multi-lane highway that runs along the lake for most of the length of the city. It was closed last night and hundreds of cars were (and still are) stuck due to a series of accidents. It’s still closed today. And where it passes by our neighborhood, we were able to climb over snow drifts… and walk onto it!

Here you can see a tow truck on the northbound side. We were over there for about 5 minutes and saw dozens of tow trucks going by. They were the only vehicles on the road. The people in the photo are about to cross from the street over onto the southbound side of Lake Shore Drive.

We definitely weren’t alone in crossing over…

This is an on ramp onto Lake Shore Drive (the two people at the top of the hill are in the southbound lanes)…
Pia didn’t mind being out, either…

All in all, one of the most singular experiences of my life!

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Golly, 12 Comments!

  • Love your cap- did you make that? I have a vintage one that looks very similar (and a matching sweater, shown here: ). It was knitted by a now-deceased relative of mine, I’m guessing in the late 1930s or 40s.


  • Yes, I sure did! Check back a few posts, I posted more photos and the pattern.

    And your outfit is amazing! And you know what, I actually have the vintage knitting booklet that it came from! I’ll go post the details on your blog post. 🙂


  • Hi! I’m a new reader of your blog and I just want to say I love it. I love your style and love your knitting posts! My mom is an excellent knitter (used to teach it) and although she taught me how to knit, I never had the patience for it. I prefer crochet, as it goes faster. That’s why I so admire your knitting.

    And that hat is adorable! I remember having one like that when I was young (I’m 53). And you have a Papillon! My brother has one and so does one of my girlfriends. They are nice dogs.

    I’m in Michigan. We got snow but not quite as much as you did in Chicago. Anyway, love your blog! Keep up the good work!



  • Ooh, is that a Lands’ End coat I spy?! 🙂


  • @Jeanne Thanks so much Jeanne! Glad you’re enjoying my blog. And papillons are so cute, Pia had a lot of fun in the snow.

    @Erin Yep, for the most brutal of the winter weather, it gets me through it. 🙂


  • Yea, we got it too! Here in ole KCMO we only got about 14 inches. It is scary, at times, to think what if I needed to get somewhere? But, I can remember when I was little we always had a lot of snow. Your blog is always cool. Thanks for the great snow pix.


  • Wow! I was wondering how you guys were doing. That’s crazy. I always love that strangely cheerful End Of The World feeling you get when Normalcy is interrupted.

    Pia is a badass. My pups would crawled up my legs to avoid the snow. Pia just saying “Bring it on!”


  • BRRRRRRR…… too cold for me but a good reason to show us your wonderfull knit work 🙂


  • Whoa that really is snow! So impressive, we’ve had bad snow in the UK for the past couple of years but nothing like that! Just bad for here


  • your blog is adorable…i’m a new follower and WOW on all the snow. i’m in new jersey and we’ve had our fair share out here as well, i’m so over it!


  • That wind was unbelievable wasn’t it! I was at my inlaws that night, and my FIL had to go out at least three times to clear out the drifted snow from the front door so I could get outside with Moxie!
    Pia is absolutely adorable! I love Papillons almost as much as Poms 😉 Did you knit her sweater?


  • @kymberley You know, it’s snowed twice since last week… we’re officially over it, too!

    @Moxie Tonic The dogs are so cute in the snow, aren’t they?? And I did indeed knit Pia that sweater. It has cables on the back that are supposed to look like biscuits and bones. Too silly!


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