Friday board games

Remember on Friday I said we were going out to play board games? Indeed we did. There’s no photos from Taboo, which mainly involved lots of arms flailing about, but there are a few from Pictionary. (And I did kick some butt!)

And my two favorite drawings of mine that won. Jen guessed correctly the below was “Fargo”.

And Emma guessed correctly that the below was Mt. Rushmore.

I have smart friends. Those are crappy drawings. But I think that’s part of the fun of Pictionary. The part that brings you to tears laughing at yourself and your game mates.

Saturday night we had a date night. Pia was grumpy that we were leaving. Can you tell?

I got a ton of knitting done this weekend on a cardigan I started over Christmas while visiting my mom and step-dad. I hadn’t worked on it in awhile but realized I really wanted it for my wardrobe (and soon, since it’s worsted weight and the hourglass will soon be running out of sand on worsted weight sweaters this season). I’ve been having some color palette inspirations rolling around in my head, thanks to the Colette Spring Palette Challenge, which I’m not participating in but I’m using it to kind of build some knitting/sewing wardrobe ideas for myself (I’ll probably post more about that soon). And this cardigan fits right in. I had a lot of it completed already—the entire body up to the armholes and the left upper front. So I got the upper back and upper front right portions and 1.5 sleeves completed in the last few days. I hope to finish the second sleeve tonight and block it tonight or tomorrow. I may take some pre- and post-blocking photos to share in preparation for the knit-along, since blocking can make such a difference in not only a knitted garment itself but your morale once you realize you didn’t just knit squirley looking little rumpled pieces, you actually knit pieces of something awesome.

Today is Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day! We don’t really celebrate it much, other than a little extra smiles and love, because our anniversary is at the end of the month. But I did get lovely artisan truffles in the mail from my Valentine.

I was greeted at work this morning with two chocolate-covered oreos. My building gives out little treats on holidays. Not a bad way to start the day!

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Golly, 8 Comments!

  • Love your date night outfit!! So cute. 🙂


  • I do love your date night outfit but what I love even more is the chair you’re sat on WOW! Love it!

    We don’t do Valentine’s day, apart from having a nice dinner at home, which I’m just about to start soon!


  • Thanks guys!

    @Straight Talking Mama! That chair was one of my first “grown up” furniture purchases, many many years ago. It was new (but neat vintage kind of look), and I even picked the fabric for it. Unfortunately little did I realize my future cat would want to shred it in certain spots. 😛


  • How much do I love that second photo of you with your beverage? So freakin’ cute. Your game night photos make me want to play board games. So much fun to be had in something so simple. And poor little Pia sulking… Our pups do that too. Sometimes they even come to the top of the stairs (we have internal stairs that lead down to the front door) and stare at us, betrayed and forlorn, as we say goodbye and shut the door. But the butt-wiggling joy when we return always makes it worth it.


  • Those chocolates look amazing. Love that chair, too!


  • Lovely post and photos. Pia is hillarious…what a sulk!xx


  • Oh sweet merciful crap, Vosges!!!!! Vosges was pretty much my favorite part of my Vegas trip last year. I live on the East Coast of Canada- no Vosges even remotely close, and shipping here is $100. My ladywife and I just put in an order together, we couldnt possibly wait any longer for more Vosges Red Fire bars. Paying $100 for shipping, for chocolate….that is love. *drool* I cannot wait for the sweet deliciousness to arrive.


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