I won!!

This is just a pip—I won a big contest!

I had a rather crappy day (nothing major, just didn’t sleep well and you know how that affects everything you do all day long), so boy was this a delightful surprise. I actually started jumping up and down when I got the email and Mel had to tell me to stand still because I wasn’t making any sense. Hee hee!

So what did I win? The Colette Patterns blog name contest! They’re going to rename their blog “The Coletterie”. Me me me, I came up with that! OMG! Can you believe it?

I get to pick two patterns as my prize, but so far I only am sure about one. I definitely want Crepe:

Image from Colette Patterns

And I’m not sure about the second one. I have Sencha (and I can’t wait to try their lace yoke modification) for it. I like Negroni for Mel, but not sure I’m at that point in my sewing yet. I was contemplating Macaron, which I think could be vintage-d up. Or Parfait? I love the pockets and the straps closing with a button on the front kind of like overalls, but not sure if my rather large girls would be very flattered by the bust shape. Perhaps the cami/slip Cinnamon, but Nutmeg is also lovely in the underthings department (which I’ve never tried sewing, it must be said). I love tap pants.

What would you pick? Have you made any of them that you’d particularly recommend?

This is so exciting! A big huge thank you to the Colette crew for picking my blog name idea out of over 200 entries (wow)! ♥

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