A-choppin’ my hair will go…

…okay, not really. It’ll only be a few inches. And it’s certainly not chopping itself. But in about an hour and a half I’ll be getting my hair cut. I snapped some pre-cut photos last night before going out to dinner with friends.

This was my hair after a Hot Sticks set (that of course only lasted through the evening, and barely at that) because since I made the appointment to cut my hair, I’ve been too lazy to bother setting it wet because I felt like what’s the point? Guess that’s why it was time for a cut. 😉

I seriously can’t believe how long it’s gotten and how long it’s been since I was last getting it cut regularly. It dawned on me how many years I had short hair when I dressed for my appointment in a machine washable cardigan and a tee underneath, preparing for all those teensy little hairs that get stuck in your clothes… yes, it’s been so long that the last time I had a cut the back of my neck was cleaned up with clippers! Won’t be doing anything near that drastic this afternoon!

Dinah told me she didn’t really care what I did to my hair one way or another. You can see it in her eyes.

Well, when we meet again my cheveux will be a little lighter. I admit I’m a bit nervous. Wish me luck!

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