First day of spring

Happy spring, to those of you up here in the Northern Hemisphere!

Yesterday morning we decided it was the first weekend day that was nice enough to kick off the outdoor season for us. We love going to state parks and forest preserves for day trips and start doing that before it’s really warm enough to go camping. I looked for a park close to the Wisconsin border since we also had an ulterior motive: drive to Kenosha, get lunch at a favorite Italian grocery store, Tenuta’s, and pick up some New Glarus beer and lambic (only sold in the state of Wisconsin, something many Illinois neighbors lament).

We decided on the Raven Glen Forest Preserve. There were only a few other cars in the parking lot when we arrived which is just our speed. Partially because we’re sticks in the mud and like to commune with nature on our own, and partially because Pia acts like a turd whenever she sees other dogs, so taking her on a hike where we’re constantly passing other people walking dogs is not exactly relaxing.

It was delightful! It was a chilly and clear day, and you could really see the potential for spring everywhere you walked. I love that time between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, when nothing is really green yet except a few buds, it’s still kind of drab out, but you just know what’s coming.

It also marked the beginning of Cowichan season. Yay!

I absolutely love Cowichan sweaters. With a Pendleton underneath, a scarf, and knee high wool socks in my wellies, it was just the right outfit for the day.

The forest preserve was lovely. There was a nice gently rolling gravel trail and an equestrian trail. Since there weren’t any horses out, we meandered between the two. This shot below was taken from the equestrian trail, looking at a grassy wetland in the middle of the park.

The trail went alongside a lake. It was still partially frozen, which you can see in the photos below.

It was a little windy out on one of the fishing piers. I like how my hair is blowing one way and Pia’s is blowing the other way. (Like her hand knit sweater?)

I like this photo because it looks like I’m on a farm or something. Hee!

The sky was so blue! Eeven though the prairie was still rather desolate, we could tell how beautiful this place would be in the coming months. (Though a controlled burn will come before that stage.)

Look at the little tongue!

Remnants of last year’s Queen Anne’s lace…

After a hike in the park we headed to Kenosha. This was our sandwich. Yes, ours. We shared. Would you believe this was the SMALL size??

We were a little hungry, so we didn’t wait until we got home to dive in. (I’m starting to think I need a category on this blog for novelty sized food and drink. Clearly it’s a reoccurring theme.)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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Golly, 20 Comments!

  • Very nice curling jackets…or as I like to call them ‘Saskatchewan Smoking Jackets’


  • What a perfect day (just our speed over here, too). Nothing like getting out and enjoying fresh air, nature, pup(s), and good food. I LOVE your cowichans!! The landscape where you are look so similar to where I am in Canada now (Ontario) and where I’m from (prairies). Neat! You two look so happy. Wonderful photos!


  • Aw I love how you are both wearing knit animal sweaters, I especially like the horses on yours. I’ve never been to Kenosha but want to go there just for the novelty-sized sandwich.

    Looks like you had a good time in nature, I recently went to the Garfield Observatory to see the flowers as it’s still so chilly out.


  • What lovely photos! I absolutely adore your sweaters! Looks fantastic!


  • So jealous! It looks like you two had a wonderful day! What kind of New Glarus beer did you get? I picked up some of the new smoked porter last month and fell in love. DH is brewing a clone of it next weekend so we can drink more next fall!


  • Cowichan fiesta! Those are both great ones and bravo on fidning one that doesn’t fit you like a tent. I have such trouble finding them in a normal size and not all gigantor. Hav eou ever thought about knitting one? Or have you already? They seem like they might be kind of fun and easy, being made with such chunky yarn.

    I wish it felt more like spring here. Granted, the trees are beginning to boom and re-leaf, but it’s been pissing down rain and cold and miserable. Can’t wait for it to warm up!

    I love Miss Pia’s sweater. And she looks so very fluffy and sweet, adventuring out there with you guys.

    I vote yes on the “novelty-size food and drink” category. πŸ™‚


  • Love the sweaters you both look rockin! and theres nothing I like more than seeing pooches sporting hand knit sweaters!! It looks like a great day and that sandwich is making me feel a bit peckish! πŸ˜€


  • Thanks guys! β™₯

    @BombshellShocked We love Spotted Cow which is their farmhouse ale, and Mel also got Fat Squirrel which is their nut brown ale. How cool that your DH brews beer!!

    @Moe I haven’t yet knit one yet, but I have some plans up my sleeve for sure! Perhaps this summer I’ll do a Midwest tour of novelty sized food and drink. πŸ˜‰


  • Our first day of spring isn’t officially for a couple of weeks, can’t wait!

    Those are cute sweaters and cosy looking too! I do love Pia’s sweater too :o)

    That sandwich is the size of your head, no wonder you shared it, wow and that is small!!


  • We had a fabulous 70 degree day in New England on Friday. Then back to the low 40’s for the rest of the weekend. Loving that sweater!! Of course, nearly anything with an equestrian theme always makes me happy. Better get back to my Briar Rose! Have a fantastic week!


  • Great sweaters!!! and it looks like an amazing outing, gets me jealous indeed…here in Sweden the snow has become a discusting muck and refuses to melt. Spring feels very far away…

    / Olivia


  • Looks like a great day! πŸ™‚
    And oh my, what a sandwich!! Haha πŸ˜€


  • I love that you are both wearing animal sweaters! Too fun! Looks like you had an awesome time.


  • What a great day trip. And if the wind was anything like it was here on Saturday, good for you for braving it! We took Moxie for a walk along the river, and I thought the poor little guy was going to get blown away!
    And Moxie is a complete turd when it comes to other dogs (and people, and anything that moves really). Small dog complex?


  • Nice trip.
    you both look fantastic in your cowichan sweater. Love the pic near the fence too πŸ™‚

    Oh my !!! This is not a sandwich this a bowling ball !!!


  • Such a great post! You both are too cute for words in your sweaters.

    Speaking of sweaters, I thought of you while thrifting this weekend- I found an amazing 1940s, early 50s blue and red marbled knit sweater with red bakelite buttons…it WAY too small for me, but I Thought to myself ” that fabulous Tasha wouldnt want me to leave this here. I must give it a good home”. It is adorable and may inspire me to start knitting. I may list it on etsy so it can find a home with somene to actually wear it.

    Your blog is quickly becoming my fav!


  • @Moxie Tonic He sounds just like her!! Them and their little Napoleon complexes!

    @THE BIG MAMA INTROSPECTION Yes, it’s probably big enough to roll down a bowling lane. You should have seen the large!

    @Lenora Le Noire Aww you’re so sweet! I’m glad you took the sweater home so it can find a nice new home someday. You should absolutely start knitting!! It feels so great to make something fab for yourself. πŸ™‚


  • Beautiful sunnies!


  • Love your coordinated sweaters! So cute! Also, lemme get a bite of that MuffleLOTTA. Wow. I am beyond words. I wish they had novelty size, pre-packaged Mufflettas for sale around these parts in the worst way!! πŸ™‚


  • My hubby and I are big into cowichans too! I’ve been collecting patterns for awhile now and have recently begun actually knitting some. I knit a squirrel one for my daughter last year and just swatched for one with a traditional native american motif for myself! I’ve got a couple great men’s patterns up after that – a nautical one and one with oil rigs.
    I love love LOVE the one you’re wearing here!


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