Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today is my grandmother’s 96th birthday. Isn’t that wonderful?

It’s always easy to remember someone’s birthday when it falls on a holiday. Of course, there was the year that my grandfather spaced out exactly which holiday her birthday fell on. Instead of wishing her a happy birthday on St. Patrick’s Day, he did it a month earlier on Valentine’s Day. My grandparents were happily married for over 50 years, and my grandfather died when I was still school-aged, but I believe my grandmother is still cranky about that birthday flub over 40 years after the fact!

My grandma Nella Mae lives in New Mexico, where most of my Dad’s family has settled over the years. It was a favorite vacation spot for my grandparents and their three sons in the 1950s. They lived in Kansas and would spend summers enjoying the outdoors in New Mexico, unlike most everyone else who enjoyed the outdoors in Colorado. (Which, I believe, is exactly why my grandfather picked New Mexico.) They even built a cabin there. Slowly over the years all three sons moved there and my grandparents retired there. My dad is the most recent addition to the state. There are several places on this planet that I really adore, and New Mexico is right up there on that list.

Here’s a photo of her with her boys taken in 1950. The back of the photo was labeled “Christmas vacation, Nyack, NY 1950”. My dad is the crabby looking one-year-old in the middle, in the earflap hat. I love how my grandma looks stylish yet casual. That’s always been her way. Feminine but not fussy. I guess that’s one thing I really learned from her!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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