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I am nearly in panic mode about my wardrobe for Viva Las Vegas. This is in part due to the fact that we did an idiotic, massive spring cleaning last year of our home and everything in it, and that’s left me (actually both of us) with some ludicrous holes in my wardrobe that I’ve been struggling to fill ever since. Case in point: I no longer own a brown purse. Seriously. No brown purse of any kind.

I know it’s time for me to open up my closet and figure out what I want to wear, because if I wait until the last minute and discover I need an accessory for a particular outfit (see above), I’ll be screwed.

Because I’ve been so busy I’m trying not to be delusional about what craft projects I can complete in time. I want to finish my black u-neck blouse, because otherwise I have no top for a couple of skirts I’m planning to wear (once of which will be my castles skirt once I finally make a buttonhole for it). I don’t think I ever posted the picture of this blouse, did I? It’s a pattern from the 1953 Spring/Summer Vogue Knitting Book. I may do something different around the armholes and neckline because I simply don’t know if I have the time and patience to knit little bias bands and sew them all the way around. I’ll also be raising the neckline a bit in the interest of modesty as I’m not small-chested like the model.

I was daydreaming about other outfits, specifically trying to come up with something to wear with a navy-colored gorgeous slinky vintage sweater I recently got from Etsy. (Excuse the blah slapdash photo.)

It’s a bit fancier than I usually go for, with the silver-flecked rope trim at the neckline,  rhinestones and a back keyhole neckline (sorry I didn’t photograph that), but I couldn’t resist. I thought it would make a great top for an evening outfit.

However I couldn’t think of a single thing in my wardrobe that I could wear this with! Not one thing. It occurred to me that I could probably sew up a skirt in time, but I already feel pressed for time with the knitting project (not to mention Briar Rose), so I nixed that idea.

Then I remembered I have a pair of navy slacks from Heyday that have been sitting in my closet as I’ve been too lazy to hem them. I can squeeze in hemming, certainly. Those slacks, the knitted top, a pair of red Remix L’Amour wedges (that Mel bought me for my birthday at Viva two years ago since Viva usually falls near my birthday) and accessories? Perfect.

But when I pulled the slacks out, I realized they had white buttons.

I thought naturally they’d be so much nicer with vintage buttons, so I went through my stash. Sadly, I didn’t have any navy buttons the right size. A quick stroll through Etsy and eBay didn’t turn anything up, either. What I did turn up in my stash, however, was a set of great red vintage buttons.

While in general I’m not a fan of contrasting buttons because I am a big weirdo and they make me feel I can only match those exact colors in my outfit, this turned out to be just the lightbulb moment I needed. I thought I would switch out the buttons on the slacks to red, they’d go great with my outfit for Viva, and then I’d have the luxury of time afterwards to find perfect navy buttons for permanent use on the slacks.

So that’s exactly what I did.

One outfit complete with 5 minutes of sewing!

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  • Oh I love the button switch! That’s such a great idea!


  • That’s going to be a great outfit. I love that top and of course those slacks are amazing, especially after you swapped out the buttons (though I liked it before too).

    You’ve reminded me, I too am in need of a brown purse!


  • I have a brown purse you can borrow if you can’t find one in time. I think I may have two actually. But one of them is really awesome and I never get enough opportunities to use it. It’s a dark brown corned purse with a tortoise lucite carved handle. I think I may have had it with me one night the last time we were at VLV together. Anyhow, let me know if you come up empty, I can mail it to you.

    That formal sweater is to die for! I can’t wait to see all the pix of you guys in Vegas. Gonna be major pangs of envy that week.


  • Amazing what a button switch will do.


  • Thanks guys, it really is surprising what some buttons can do!

    @Moe Oh you are so sweet! I think I’ll be okay though, I am probably going to go brown-less or with a wicker purse that has a brown lucite accent on it if I need it (which I forgot about, so technically that might quality as a brown purse). It will be a serious bummer not to hang out with you guys there. Boo hoo! 🙁


  • Isn’t it amazing how quickly Viva comes every year (and its even later in the year this time around)?!? I’m feeling the same, we moved since last Viva and I lost a bit of weight so nothing fits. And here it is almost April 1 and I am just now thinking about it! Guess I’ll be just wearing what fits! Maybe squeeze in some alterations. Well if I see those buttons on pants at Viva, I’ll know who I’m looking at.


  • The red buttons are perfect 🙂


  • I LOVE that sweater! I have an ice blue one a little like it that I just hand washed this weekend, I do love sparkly 50s sweaters.

    I also love the button swap.

    I have to say last time I went to Vegas I was sewing for about 6 weekends solid leading up to it so I feel your pain! I was going to say I have a brown purse you can borrow but VLV would probably be over by the time it got to you ;o)


  • I love the new buttons! Statement details like that add the perfect amount of oomph


  • The buttons! The best possible decision. Plus the neckline on that embellished top is gorrrrrgeous. Neat outfit!


  • Those are some cute buttons! Their color set against that fabric is truly striking! I also adore those eyeglasses and that pretty beaded top is boss!

    I am working on my clothing list for Viva too. I want to bring all the essentials without going over the top. I still need to take my Freddies to the tailors (too big in the waist), take my dresses to the dry cleaners, and buy a new pair of wedges for the daytime. I think what I bring will depend on the weather. I will check the forecast for Vegas a week before I go, that way I will have a better idea what to pack.


  • I love how thought out this outfit was, your Las Vegas event is going to be amazing! The beaded detailing on your sweater is gorgeous and you look so glam in it.

    I’m going to have to do some button switching on my vintage coats as buttons keep popping off. 🙁 Where did you find your red buttons? Online?


  • The collar on that sweater is amazing!
    That’s awesome you are going to Viva las Vegas! I hope to go next year when I’m 21 so I can go to everything!


  • Love, love, love it! What a brilliant idea!


  • Oooh! I love the red buttons–a great addition! (Though like you, I tend to be a bit obsessive about matching buttons with my garment too… 😉 That sweater is pretty hot-stuff too; you’re going to look smashing at VIVA!

    ♥ Casey


  • I’m sewing like a maniac just to have something to wear in the wilds of Death Valley – I haven’t even thought about Viva!! Luckily I have a fair number of dresses and pretty things that I don’t usually get to wear anyway, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to put a few cute things together. I’m never going to be at the level of most of the gals there anyway, so I’m trying to keep calm and carry on 😉

    The red buttons look SO much better, a nice contrast and not so stark as the white.
    And I prefer the woven handbag to the brown anyway, especially since it’s Spring now (right? I keep trying to remind myself of that).


  • Gosh, thanks everyone!

    @The Thriftaholic (Leilani) Yes, mostly just on Etsy, I’ve had pretty good luck there but really no luck in person. I have a Pendleton jacket that’s in desperate need of one measly button, so I can relate!

    @Moxie Tonic It feels crazy to be planning warm weather outfits when I’m still completely bundled up in all my woolies! And I am totally of the keep calm and carry on attitude too. 🙂


  • At first I panicked about my wardrobe for VLV…However, I’ve since relaxed. Why? I don’t care what people think, I’m at Viva for the music and my international friends. If someone doesnt like my outfit or makes a mean comment, they aren’t my friend, and therefor, their opinion doesn’t matter. I’m over the elitist mentality I experienced so much last year at VLV. I’m travelling across the continent, I’m going to be comfy and look good on my own terms.

    Also,90% of the other tourists in Vegas look like hobos in ripped jeans and fanny packs. I could wear a paper bag and look better than that mess! 😉


  • @Lenora Le Noire I like your comment about being comfy and looking good on your own terms. That is pretty much how I live my life and my approach to Viva isn’t much different. 🙂


  • The buttons were lovely and I liked your top. 🙂


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