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I am busy breaking all my previously set rules about not sewing for Viva since I suddenly found myself in desperate need of a blouse to match something, so I’m just going to quickly post a few photos post-haircut. Sorry, they’re pretty anticlimactic actually. The cut went pretty much just as I expected. It’s so nice to have a hair stylist who I can have a conversation with about setting my hair. I don’t feel like the length looks dramatically different but it feels a lot lighter and was definitely easier to set and is easier to brush out, which was one of my main goals. It’s probably pretty close to a (long, long) middy haircut.

So, a few photos. The first is from Friday night before going out to a friend’s art opening. I worked from home Friday so I set my hair that morning.

A close up at the bus stop of my latest pair of vintage eyeglasses…

The photo below was on the same set yesterday before going to an awesome vintage clothing party. Still hadn’t washed my hair, I just set my curls back in sponge rollers Friday night. Not as many rollers, and kind of haphazard with a slight spritz of setting lotion and water (that mostly hit the mirror and not my head). I had to add a clip on the side because I had a really bad dent from my hair flower the night before. Oops!

And here’s what it looks like from the back. (Now you see the angle I always avoid in photos, the dreaded ugly cat post. Ha ha! So mid-century, huh.)

And today, same set still (messy bangs since I’m not planning to go anywhere). I’m really impressed how well it lasted with fairly minimal effort.

Probably the best part of the haircut other than the cut itself was that my stylist taught me a trick that works really well for my bangs. I usually roll them with really small rollers with mixed results for trying to get them to go to the side when I side part my hair, which is more often than not lately.

With my bangs wet and unstyled, she put Layrite in them, then blowed them dry. That gave my usually roll-resistant flyaway hair just the perfect texture to create a roll with my bangs. I’d literally never been able to successfully do that before and now I know just the perfect trick.

I know it’s not just a fluke, either. You know when you have a hair fluke: you do something awesome, and are cursed by never, ever being able to repeat it again. But I’ve done this a few times now so I’d call that a success. In fact, it worked so well I’m tempted to try it out for side rolls. If it works I might do a tutorial for it since there must be others who have pain-in-the-ass hair like mine. I rarely do rolls because they always come out like crap.

Now back to the sewing I swore I wasn’t going to do. Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!

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  • That new hair cut is ADORBS! I’m impressed how much length you were able to keep in the back while lightening the rest of it. I started using Layrite in my bangs recently too. May hair is largely back to an undyed state and the one drawback to healthy straight hair is that it doesn’t curl well (or do much of anything other than sticking out of my head in a rigid and unruly manner). I’d love to see a tutorial on how you’re doing your bangs. They look great!


  • Hubba,hubba! looking lovely


  • Ahhh! I love it! I’m getting mine cut on Friday and I’m trying to figure out a way to communicate easily to my stylist that this is what I want (she’s not used to doing vintage cuts :/ )


  • Your hair looks lovely!


  • The cut was a resounding success! And your curls look amazing as ever 🙂 Maybe I need to try layrite on my whole head…
    Love, love, love your shoes in the first pic!


  • What fabulous news, the haircut is fantastic! xx


  • Love the new hair! Would you ever consider doing a post showing how you set your hair? I’ve been playing with rollers for the first time, and I’m having a hellish time with it.


  • Thanks guys! ♥

    @Moe Thanks!! I know, it’s funny because I look at the photo and don’t think it looks a lot different but it feels a lot different. I use Layrite on my flyaways but have to be really careful or it will turn my head into a flat, waxy mess!

    @Moxie Tonic Thanks! The shoes are Remix wedges, definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made. So comfy and I wear them all the freaking time and they still look great!

    @Ducktastic I’d be happy to do it sometime. My vintage ‘do is pretty low-key compared to many so I wouldn’t have thought anyone would want to know how I do it, but maybe I can combine it with the bangs tutorial. 🙂


  • Love it! That length is so much easier to work with and it looks great on you!


  • Very pretty! Your hair must have some natural wave! It always looks nice!


  • Your hair looks fantastic! 🙂 I am definitely in need of a good trim; I’m just dragging my heels about making the appointment. haha!

    ♥ Casey


  • That’s a nice cut! Really looks great on you! I’ve always preferred the longer layers in the back to break up a straight cut.


  • Looks great, it’s still pretty long isn’t it? I do know what you mean though about it feeling lighter, I need mine all chopped off again!


  • Fabulous hair cut! I cut mine off about a year and a half ago and it was so liberating!


  • Random thought: I love your souvenir plates!


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