Red ready, amber set, green let’s go!

With the exception of a few last minute items and toiletries, our bags are packed. We are ready for vacation!

On the top you can see clockwise from upper left: a vintage blouse, a Nudeedudee feedsack blouse, my pool set (swimsuit and matching teatimer cover up), my handmade castles skirt, and two grocery bags containing a couple of my pairs of shoes. My elephant sweater outfit did indeed get scrapped. In its place I’ll be wearing my black sleeveless knit blouse and Mexican circle skirt from BombshellShocked.

Shoes and purses are the worst to pack! I think I managed to narrow it down to six pair of shoes packed, one purse packed, one purse in my hand and my delicate lucite purse in my carry on, containing all of the jewelry that I wouldn’t dare check. Between the two of us we got it down to three checked bags total. I’m not sure we have ever checked more than two total, not even when we went to Ireland for ten days! Hell, I think the only time in my life that I’ve personally checked two bags is when I was going to live in Ireland for a semester in college. But the third bag should have plenty of room for VLV purchases. It’s not very full and is mainly needed because I’m paranoid about going overweight with my suitcase, which is the bigger of the two. After all, my toiletries kit and hair dryer weigh a lot. (The hair dryer will hopefully not be needed but I’m taking it as insurance in case I set my hair there and it doesn’t dry in time.)

I’m going to try and get outfit photos each day and evening of VLV, plus the remainder of our trip afterward, which will hopefully include me standing outside the turreted Excalibur in my castles skirt. 😉

So, we’re off tomorrow morning, I wish I could take you all with us! See everyone in a little over a week!


Viva Las Vegas!!

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