Memorial Day camping trip

How is it already almost the weekend? I’ve been confused about the day of the week all week, because of the holiday on Monday. I finally had some time to pull together photos from our camping trip to Wisconsin last weekend.

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning for the drive up to Wisconsin. And by bright and early, I do mean bright and early. We were on the road by 6 a.m. I never used to think I would ever become a morning person, but in the last year or two we’ve found ourselves getting up much earlier than we ever used to. There really is something awesome about being done with your road trip and setting up your campsite by 8:30 a.m.! We were already out on a hike by about 10 o’clock.

You’ll see in that photo a reoccurring theme in all these pictures, which is my braids doing goofy things. I tried to come up with a relatively easy hairstyle for camping, but because of the way I pulled my bangs back, that hair was significantly shorter than the rest and spent most of the weekend sticking  awkwardly out of my braids. Oh well!

The hike was on a leisurely trail that we really like that goes through forested areas and meadows. This is one of my favorite spots, and interesting little clearing with a bench.

There were lovely wildflowers blooming…

And it was so green!

Now we’re the kind of people who almost never let their dog off leash, and certainly not somewhere where you aren’t supposed to. But in one area of the trail, with no one around, we felt safe in letting Pia off leash for a game of fetch for a couple of minutes.

Yes, she’s actually airborne!

Back on the campsite she was pooped out…

On Sunday we were waiting for our friends to arrive and had to endure a few hours of rain under our rain shelter. Can you see it dripping down the sides?

It wasn’t that bad though. I knit and Mel read from The Princess Bride aloud. (We’re trying to finish the book before the wedding—it’s one of my all-time favorite movies.) We even set their tent up ahead of time for them in case it continued to rain the rest of the day. Fortunately it only lasted for a few hours, and it was done by the time they arrived. Though we had to dry out a few things…

And boy, was I was really glad to have my wellies with me on this trip. I wore them almost the whole time. This was my “vintage camping chic” look, ha ha!

We met our friends in town for lunch that afternoon when they arrived, but once we all got back on the campsite a toast was in order because it was Mel’s birthday!

It was shortly after the rain stopped that I started to be annoyed that the sides of the rain shelter made you have to duck under it each time you wanted to get to the picnic table. However every good knitter is armed with a needle and spare yarn, so I whipped up a quick fix.

I simply threaded a strand of yarn through the holes in the mesh and tied the sides up higher. Perfect!

Actually I did a lot of knitting that weekend…

We all had a late dinner by the light of a mantle lantern. We had a variety of things including hot dogs, veggie burgers, potato salad and fresh grilled asparagus.

And last but not least, here’s Mel starting a camp fire. Of course there were s’mores later that night over the fire! With yummy Cadbury Dairy Milk that Emma brought back home from Wales for the chocolate, which of course is far superior to our American standard of using a Hershey bar.

Overall it was a great camping trip, and we’re really glad to have another one planned at the beginning of July!

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Golly, 10 Comments!

  • Love those jeans or dungarees? What brand do you get, or are they vintage?


  • That photo of the green path through he tree is unreal. Holy smokes, that’s beautiful. Your camping trips always look like SO much fun. I’m impressed by all your planning and preparation fortitude.

    Pia looks so cute an happy, frolicking in the grass! We’re the same with our dogs, even though they are both really good about staying with us, they are both so small I worry about them getting snatched up by a hawk or something (this came close to happening once on an off-leash walk and so now I’m traumatized)

    Your camping trip sounds like a dream. You’re making me want to go now!


  • @Zootsuitmama Those are Freddie’s of Pinewoods!

    @Moe I’m always more worried about other dogs since she is so barky and not very approachable, but yes her “snack size” is also a worry (well, even with some dogs). I can’t believe you had a close call, I would totally be traumatized too!


  • Bangs are annoyingly un-outdoor adventure friendly. Although I still think your hair looks totally cute – and with all that wet weather to boot!

    Yay! The Princess Bride! My favorite movie and book of all time: in high-school I could recite the whole darn film I had watched it so many times. What do you think of the book?

    Many happy returns to Mel!


  • @Moxie Tonic Thanks! We’re really enjoying the book. I still have pretty much the entire movie memorized so it really tickles me when we read a passage and there are lines that are exactly the same as the movie. It’s also been great learning more about the characters, like more details on how Inigo’s father died and how Fezzik learned to fight.

    For the wedding my mom is knitting me a shawl, and guess what the pattern’s name is? Buttercup! Isn’t that so perfect?


  • Ah yes, I see your love for slacks! 🙂


  • I love your camping outfits. Very appropriate and cute! I can’t believe how gorgeous the scenery is.

    Happy Birthday to Mel!


  • Oh that camping trip sounded like so much fun!! Everything looks so beautiful and green! I need to convince some people to go camping some day, haha!

    Happy Belated Birthday to Mel! =D


  • Oh man! I was just talking about how bad I wanted to go camping because I found this great Better Homes and Gardens Camping manual from 1962… and here you guys are making it looks just as much fun as I thought it would be! I love your dog, jeans, and camp foods.


  • I just got hooked in to your blog through Casey’s Elegant Musings, and I’m loving it! It’s nice to know about local-ish vintage peeps (I’m in Milwaukee). Where exactly did you guys go camping? It looks lovely.
    Also, thumbs-up for the Princess Bride book. I absolutely love it!


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