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Happy Thursday!

I thought I’d share a couple of my outfits from the long 4th of July holiday weekend. We ran lots of errands and ate yummy food out all weekend. These were my outfits on Sunday.

Now, you’ve already seen my new restyled shorts, but I took them out on the town for another spin!

Outfit details: Clarks sandals, a style that I still regret not buying in every single color (and a spare pair to boot!) when they were being sold a couple of years ago, Bakelite bangles in red and navy, a wicker basket purse Mel got me for our anniversary earlier this year, and my hand sewn feedsack blouse. It was one of my first projects when I started to get into sewing last summer. It was from a late 50s or early 60s pattern for a sleeveless shell that was a size too small, so it was my first go at resizing a sewing pattern. The shoulders are too wide on me, so I have to pin my bra straps in. Plus for some reason I inserted a side seam invisible zipper with a hook and eye closure under my armpit. Who can reach a hook and eye under their armpit? Certainly not me, so I always need help getting into and out of it. But despite the minor flaws I’m still pretty proud of it, and the fabric (chickens and flowers!) is fantastic. This is the fabric that made me fall head over heels over feedsacks.

My second outfit was from later that evening, when we went out to one of our favorite restaurants, Mon Ami Gabi. We had only been to the location in Las Vegas, but the one in Chicago proved to be just as good if not better. Just divine!

Outfit details: my hand knit Briar Rose sweater from my knit-along, skirt from Knee Deep Vintage in Chicago (the skirt that I actually based my color yarn selection for Briar Rose on, even though this was the first time I wore them together!), black wedges, wide plastic bangle and (not that you can really tell) What Katie Did seamed stockings. I love them but was sad to find their nude is darker than, well, my nude. Any suggestions for more pale seamed stockings? I don’t think of myself as super pale but in the daylight you can definitely tell these are too dark on me.

Hope you have been enjoying your week!

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Golly, 10 Comments!

  • ah! you are an accessory genius! love the shoes, bangles, everything!


  • Love these outfits! I’m also lighter than the WKD nude stockings and still haven’t quite figured out what to do yet :/ I’m kind of tempted to try a few of their other styles to see if they look a bit lighter.


  • Oh, I love both outfits so much! You pair separates together marvelously!
    I adore the print on your feedsack top, too, so cute!


  • I love, absolutely love both of those outfits!! Your shoes are so cute and I love how those shorts came out!

    As for stockings, I am super pale too. I find that Leg Avenue seamed stockings (the ones with the cuban heel) are great for matching with lighter skintones but the seam is black. If you want the seam to be a natural hue for a low price, I am still looking for that as well! Most stockings are too orangey or tawny on me.

    However, if you want a lighter color stocking with a lighter seam for a higher price range, Secrets in Lace has a line of stockings by Dita Von Teese They are $32.00. These stockings come in beige and black. They run long. I am 5’3 and I ordered the Petite length.



  • From an ‘untrained eye’, I think your legs look a ‘normal’ shade, and didn’t think that they were dark until I looked at your arms, etc. and saw your normal pale skin tone. FWIW, between the skirt and your dark shoes, your legs ‘fit’ color-wise; they don’t seem too dark. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where to find lighter nude stockings either.


  • You look adorable! I really hope we meet in Vegas this year 🙂


  • Love your outfits! I’ve been waiting to see how you would style that lovely green skirt.

    I’ll second the Secrets in Lace suggestion. I haven’t tried them, but they do seem to offer lighter colors.


  • Thank you guys so much! ♥ Glad to commiserate on the WKD stockings too. I hope someday they’ll make a lighter shade.

    @Tara Thanks for the Secrets in Lace recommendation, I may have to try them. So frustrating to have that orange/tawny problem, isn’t it??

    @Kim Bombshell I hope to meet you too! And if we don’t make it next year, we’re considering the Rave either next year or the year after. 🙂

    @Lauren Hairston Can you believe this is the first time I wore it? LOL


  • Your Briar Rose and matching skirt are devine! Love that look so much 😉


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