Stripes and polka dots outfit

Happy Friday!

I just have a little outfit post for today. This was actually an outfit I wore a few weeks ago when it was ungodly hot out. I tried to be as cool and comfortable as possible, while wearing a new pair of shorts I bought.

Outfit details: sailor top from Bombshell Shocked, high-waisted shorts made by Sunny Threads via eBay, espadrilles from Mod Cloth, purse made by Milloo on Etsy.

My hair was being uncooperative in all the humidity, so I tried to get a little finger wave in my bangs since it was so flat. While it looked okay from the front…

…I laughed when I saw this next photo. Um, not exactly neat and tidy. Oh well, sometimes things don’t work out as well as you planned! I’ll just keep blaming the humidity.

While I tend to prefer smaller vintage purses, sometimes you just need a big ol’ bag to tote everything around in. I love my red canvas Milloo bag, all the way from Greece! I ordered it over a year ago and it still looks great. And of course it goes without saying (though I’m saying it anyway): I love supporting small DIY businesses.

Accessories details: bamboo bangles and heart necklace were gifts, and the amazing ‘Fakelite’ ring, scarf and earrings were all from Etsy.

Anyway, it was a fun outfit to put together. I liked all the red accents, especially with the polka dots and striped trim on the blouse.

Have a great weekend!

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