Trying a slightly different vintage hairstyle

I’ve been so busy! We’ve been running around and trying to accomplish pre-vacation things, because on Thursday we’re leaving for one of our favorite places, New Mexico. We’ll spend a few days with my family and then head to a cabin in the mountains near Taos. Point being I haven’t had time to write up any blog posts!

So I thought I’d just post a couple of photos of when I tried something a bit different with my hair. With the shorter hair I thought I might be able to try a hot stick set again with Conair hot sticks (I think they’re called You Link & Curl now). Probably like many of you, I first heard about them through Fleur’s video tutorial. I was only ever able to use them very sporadically, because my hair doesn’t last well in a hot set, and the curl I got with my longer hair was nowhere near the same look as I’d get with my usual sponge rollers. Well necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and recently one afternoon I found myself with sudden evening plans after having just taken a shower. While still damp, I spritzed my hair with setting lotion. Once it was completely dry, I set it with two rows of hot sticks at the base of my neck, two on the light side of my part and two on the heavy side. My bangs were rolled back initially in sponge rollers long before my hair had dried, but when they didn’t dry in time I had to switch them to standing pin curls and blow dry them, which gave me better results, anyway.

My bangs are very fond of falling in the front, so the only way I can get a nice wave is using a duckbill clip (like these) backwards, so the curved part faces out, going in the direction of the wave, spraying the heck out of it and basically letting it stay there as long as possible. Which is almost until I walk out the door… sooner if I’m leaving home myself and am worried I might forget about it, lol.

And yes, our bathroom really is that orange, and that plus a lack of good lighting is one of the reasons I’ve never done a hair tutorial. I’m not sure you’d be able to see it all that well, and we don’t really have any other strategically located mirrors.

Anyway, I left the hot sticks in at least an hour, figuring longer couldn’t hurt. Once I took them out, I didn’t brush the curls out completely, brushing more down without gripping each section to really work through the curls, which is what I usually do. It kept a tighter, kind of more late 30s/early 40s look. And it lasted all night!

So if any of you shoulder or chin-length hair gals out there would be interested in a little tutorial on this quick and dirty vintage set, I’ll see what I can do!

And here’s a gratuitous cat photo just because. Can you tell I’m planning some fair isle knitting for vacation? 🙂

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Golly, 19 Comments!

  • +pets your kitty+ It’s sweet that she’s nesting in your yarn hehe. I’m SO lazy about my hair, since it’s naturally wavy I usually just let it air dry and hope for the best! Your hair always looks wonderful so thank you for doing a tutorial on here.

    I’m super envious of your New Mexico trip… please tell me you’ll be thrifting for tooled leather items & silver jewelry! My best friend has been in Taos for the last month, his photos of the landscape have been breathtaking.


  • It looks beautiful! I’ve always wanted to be able to do a style like this and would love to see a tutorial if you ever do it.


  • You have such amazing hair! I wish I could make my hair look like that.


  • Your hair looks so lovely!! I’ve been meaning to try out hot rollers sometime; I imagine they’d be handy for a quick re-set before going out for the evening! A tutorial would be great.

    Also, I’m envious of your trip to NM!! We used to vacation near Santa Fe when I was growing up; I still consider one of my favorite places on Earth.


  • Oh, gorgeous! Have a great trip! Can’t wait to see what you knit!


  • Looks great!!! I’d love a tutorial if you are so inclined!!!


  • Thanks everyone on the hair compliments! I will try and figure out a way to do a tutorial after vacation. 🙂

    @The Thriftaholic (Leilani) I sure will be attempting to hit up a bit of thrifting in Taos!

    @Dakota I love Santa Fe too! We may do a day trip there when we’re staying in Taos. 🙂


  • Looks lovey, I really like it.
    Have a fab trip.xx


  • The set looks great. You’ve got the perfect length of hair for it so the curls don’t go droopy…

    Also, love the kittenpants :0)


  • Hey there, thank you for your comment on my blog!

    I love this, your hair looks fab and I love your glasses. I have got myself some hot rollers and some hot sticks are on order, so heopfully more curly hair days are on the way 🙂


  • Supercute! I have no luck with hotsticks, my hair is too long and fine.

    P.S. I really love your wall of plates 🙂


  • Yes please I’d LOVE a tutorial!!


  • What are you knitting? Looks like you have some KnitPick yarn. Is the pink Jamieson’s Shetland?


  • Thank you! ♥

    @Lady Cherry It’s definitely worth tryimg them out, even just as a backup when you really need something quick! 🙂

    @Sarah I’m not knitting it yet, but those are some of the colors that will go into a fair isle beret from the Sarah Dallas book Vintage Knits. And yes, some KnitPicks Palette and Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift!


  • It looks cute! I’m hoping to go even shorter soon, scary but I prefer it shorter. Glad you’re getting on with your shorter hair, it definitely holds a curl better.

    Have a great holiday erm vacation!


  • Looks great, will definitely try that tip on how to get the bangs in place, just have to find some duck clips first. If I don’t find any here in sweden I might just order from that “curl-webbsite” you linked, they shipped internationally! So thanks for that tip aswell!

    / Olivia


  • Your hair looks great.I have hotsticks too.Got them at walmart for 16.00 bucks I think.I haven’t used them much cuz I burnt my fingers trying to figure out how to hold them while rolling without doing that.Guess need to kee practicing.I also got them cuz of fleurs video.Look forward to a hair tutorial from you.have a lovely holiday.xx


  • So cute! Your hair looks adorable like this 🙂


  • ~ * ♥ * ~

    A tutorial would be great Tasha; my hair is driving me nuts {it’s past my shoulders, thick and naturally curly} ~ it doesn’t seem to hold a pin curl set for anything. Maybe your method would work?

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~


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