Vintage knitting pattern: Date-Maker cardigan

In my post on campus-inspired vintage fashions, a number of you expressed that you really liked the Date-Maker sweater pattern that I showed! Here it is again…

It comes from Columbia Style Book vol. 108, a 1946 knitting booklet in my collection. I like the striped sweater on the cover, too. Even better, the original owner signed her name on it!

Since so many of you liked the pattern, I thought I would share it. At least a couple of you asked about a knit-along, so it’s something I’m contemplating for fall or winter. What do you think? If there’s enough interest, I’d definitely consider it, even though it would be a somewhat challenging pattern to talk about resizing as it’s primarily knit in ribbing that angles diagonally. However the good thing about ribbing is it’s pretty forgiving.

The interesting thing about this knitting booklet is that the original owner, Ms. Jesky, appears to have only knit Date-Maker out of all the patterns! It’s the one pattern in the book that’s marked up. In fact, she marked up the pattern in the same way I do (although I always do it on a copy of course). Here’s a bit of what the original looked like:

Not very easy on the eyes! I debating between transcribing the pattern or just cleaning up the original scans. I ended up opting for the latter as I felt you’d probably all prefer to work from the original pattern. So I tried to clean it up as best I could.

It looks like a great pattern and should be a quick knit, in worsted weight yarn at a gauge of 5 stitches an inch, with a short overall length and no button bands. You’ll also need a crochet hook along with basic crochet skills to crochet around the buckle and opening edges of the cardigan. The pattern as written is for a 32-34″ bust and calls for 12 oz. of worsted weight yarn.

A really fun vintage cardigan pattern from 1946! 

Download: Date-Maker cardigan (pdf)

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