Randolph Street Market Editor’s Choice for Charity

This weekend I was honored to participate in an event that was not only fun, but for a worthy cause!

I was asked to be a part of the Randolph Street Market Editor’s & Designer’s Choice for Charity. Randolph Street Market is a big vintage and antique market that takes place in Chicago different times throughout the year. On Friday evening, I joined bloggers, designers and fashionistas for their first Editor’s & Designer’s Choice for Charity.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew ahead of time what the concept was. Basically we would get to walk through the venue early, and would select 5 great items (whatever we wanted!) to receive a blue ribbon. If any of the items sold, a portion would be donate to the charity of our choice. Even if nothing sold, they would donate $100 to each participant’s charity. Awesome, right? I selected Tree House Humane Society, the no-kill cat shelter where we adopted Dinah 7 years ago.

Here was my outfit for the evening. Pintucked vintage blouse closed with a cameo (from Mel’s mom’s collection), trousers by Heyday!, saddle shoes purchased last weekend at the Vintage Bazaar, green tweedy vintage jacket, Bakelite and celluloid bangles, a beret knit by me (finished recently, I’ll be posting about it soon) and a shrug you can’t see in this photo.

(Remember in my sponge roller tutorial I talked about those little pieces of hair that don’t play nice? I swear I almost always have one. See my neck.)

There was a nice little spread for us when we arrived.

Mel went as my guest. We enjoyed some wine, got the lay of the land, and then I went to select my top 5.

Not all the vendors were finished setting up, but here’s what the main ballroom looked like Friday evening…

And what were my 5 selections? I tried to vary it a bit in terms of items and prices.

A gold tone lucite-handled purse…

A wicker basket purse with a horse’s head (dang, I wish I had bought this myself!)…

A first edition of a Nancy Drew book from 1934…

A 60s formica tiered end table…

And a butterscotch-colored jewelry set…

Here I am, writing up my selections!

All in all I was pleased to participate in the event. Almost all of the blue ribbon items sold, and the final donation count (split between the various selected charities) was $3,150! Outstanding! (ETA: I later found out my charity got $150 and all five items I selected sold!)

On the way home Friday evening, I got a couple of really interested city shots to show you. Look at the sky!

Blurry, but I love the train going by on the platform, with downtown in the background…

And one more gratuitous outfit post, once we got home that night…

On Saturday morning, Mel and I went back to the market to actually do some shopping! It started off as a horribly dreary day. This was snapped under the shelter of the train platform as it rained cats and dogs. Outfit details that you can see include the same jacket, a black purse that got a strange amount of compliments that day, a skirt featuring scottie dogs, and wedges formerly owned by Beth of V is for Vintage! The big bag in my left hand is a vintage knitting bag.

Here’s a selection of photos of some other neat things we saw around the market.

A pretty good variety. I was so glad that when we went back outside from the indoor portion of the market the sun was shining. It turned out to be a nice day, after all.

Here are a couple more photos from errands later in the day. I love this close-up of Mel’s deadstock tie. The jacket was Mel’s dad’s from college. Family vintage!

Knitting while waiting for Mel to get a haircut…

But… of course you want to know my haul from the market, right?? Well, here’s a funny story. While we were there for the Editor’s Choice event Friday evening, I saw a pair of shoes that I fell in love with. They were a gorgeous 30s/40s pair, perfect for me, looked to be my size and a beyond reasonable price for the condition. Only, that seller happened not to be at her booth, so I couldn’t even attempt to buy them that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about them, however. We returned on Saturday morning and when we got there, the shoes were still there! Phew. I tried them on, they fit, and now they’re mine! For whatever reason I have had a hard time finding vintage shoes that fit and are comfy (thus I wear a lot of repro shoes), so this was a big score for me. I mean, look at them! They make me so happy.

But it must have been my day for shoes, because I found another pair that I had to have, too. These were a little big (nothing an insole couldn’t fix), but the older gentleman selling them was so dapper and gave me a great price, and they were Cuban alligator peep toe pumps, and I rarely wear heels but they were a sturdy and sensible height, and well, I couldn’t resist. You can see why.

I also picked up a couple of inexpensive bracelets that I forgot to photograph, but I didn’t forget to photograph my last big score, a Pendleton jacket. Now I need another Pendleton like I need a hole in my head, but this one has my perfect pillar box red! Plus I’ve been starting to wear them occasionally as kind of over-sized blazers to work, and it was a good price and in nearly flawless condition, so it wasn’t hard to justify the purchase.

And that’s it from Randolph Street Market! But here are a couple of photos from Saturday evening, partially because I love Mel’s vintage fisherman sweater and tweed cap so much.

Sunday was much less eventful, spent inside during another rainy day, mostly involving projects I couldn’t get off the ground. I was going to finally sit down and sew my Wearing History trousers, having cut out the pieces a few days before, except I realized I didn’t have a matching zipper. And then I started a swatch for my Vintage Knitting College kickoff (thanks for all the support!!), except the colors looked horribly 70s once swatched. So not a very productive day for me, unfortunately. Don’t you hate it when your best laid plans for your projects are foiled?

Hope you had a nice weekend!

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Golly, 21 Comments!

  • What a neat event. What a great haul for charity too with over 3k.

    What a cute pair you and mel make with your vintage outfits. I do have a question for you: how do the hayday trousers fit? I’m very pear and pants are such a chore to get a good fit, but I’ve been debating trying out a pair of these.

    I love, love, love the shoes you found! I’m terribly envious. heh


  • my wallet is still recovering from the vintage bazaar, so i didn’t go to Randolph this weekend-but i really really wanted to! those shoes are gorgeous, and all of your (and mel’s!) outfits are so cool 🙂

    i’ve been looking around online for a pair of 40’s pants, i’ve never bought a pair before, and they’re not cheap so i’m nervous! do you have a favorite pair or recommendation?


  • I love the alligator shoes, they are beautiful! Very envious. Like the look of your hat too.


  • What a great event, and what nice finds! I am especially in love with those first pair of shoes.

    I am so glad I am not the only one that has those stray hairs that don’t seem to curl properly! They absolutely drive me crazy. Sometimes I am even a little tempted to take the scissors to them!!


  • Seem to be a really event!!! Hope to have more event like this in FRANCE… I visited Chicago last year, I seemed to be a great place for vintage!!!!


  • WOW lots of lovely finds. I want a gay time coloring book! you both are looking great.


  • I LOVE that first pair of shoes, they were obviously meant to be yours!


  • Tasha,
    Those shoes are gorgeous, you scored!!! I just love the fact you visit the most wonderful places, Oh! how I wish I could attend places like Randolph Street Market. Maybe one day…
    awesome post!


  • @ziledloh and @maranda (persnickety vintage), I LOVE my Heyday trousers. I have a few pair and they fit great. I would say I have a bit of a pear-shape with a big, er, behind. Though I’m fairly proportionate, sometimes store-bought trousers/jeans can be tight across my thighs towards my hips, yet these fit me exceptionally well, purchasing my natural waist size. They also aren’t cheap feeling like lesser repro-brands–in fact a seller at the market this weekend thought they were vintage gabardine! So I definitely think they are worth the price. Plus you can always swap out the buttons for vintage ones for an even better look. 🙂


  • So jealous of your shoe finds! I have a similar pair of those heeled oxfords, but they are just a wee too tight. I display them in my home instead, but every once in a while attempt to wear them…all in vain.


  • Those choices are just amazing… *drifts into dreamy land* I also laughed out loud at the salt and pepper set and teh “bobby socks” magazine! Kitch-tastic! x


  • I adore your pants and those vintage shoes are swoon-worthy! You and Mel are such a lovely couple! That photo of you two is beyond darling!


  • I love the two purses you chose at the Vintage fair, gorgeous!

    What a fabulous post, your pictures are always so clear, I really need to invest in a better camera!


  • I would go so crazy in there.Love the horse bag.that is so pretty.That table is cool too.Love the shoes.they are in great shape.yiu and mel are so cute.


  • Oh the event looks fantastic! That beret, oh that beret ; w; I think I queued up a similar beret on ravelry.
    Mel’s sweater looks so comfy! You and Mel are the cutest couple around <3


  • Looks like a great weekend, and you always do ‘every day’ vintage so well. I can get all dressed up without batting an eye, but casual yet put together always leaves me flummoxed (or looking like an old lady who’s just given up, lol)!


  • Great post Tasha!! We loved having you & Mel & your sensational style. So glad you came and gave it your all, the results with this blog and your choices were MAHVELOUS darling!!!! xo


  • Seriously, you are the epitome of vintage style. Totally jeal of your ability to rock everything you wear!


  • What a fab event! I’d have nabbed that horse bag too.
    You look lovely in your photos and I want a cap like Mel’s!


  • what a great event! I’ms so glad you got your shoes!

    And your beret really makes me want to start knitting again!


  • you and mel really are the cutest, you know that?

    and what luck with those vintage shoes! i only have one vintage pair myself, all the others are never big enough for my size tens, and are in rough shape even if they are close. those look beautiful and will suit your warddrobe perfectly.


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