An autumn day outfit

I haven’t done a real outfit post in awhile!

Yes, that’s my Halloween beret. While I had my jacket on for most of the pictures in that post, these photos were taken the same day, just sans jacket and scarf. Cheeky, no?

This is what I was wearing for the outer portion of the outfit. I’m mainly showing you because I love this doorway. Isn’t it amazing? I feel it looks like it’s out Europe! It’s down the block from our friend’s apartment building.

It may be one of the last outfit photos I’ll get to do without gobs of outwear on for the next several months, so I figured I’d take the opportunity while I have it.

This was a Saturday afternoon errands outfit last weekend. I wore this to watch our friend’s cats while she was out of town, and to ask 20 minutes worth of questions to the nice folks who work at the Apple store downtown.

The only thing actually vintage in this outfit is my shoes and jewelry. I haven’t the foggiest what I was doing in the photo below, but at least you can see my brooch and bracelets. It’s further proof that I make the most ridiculous faces when I’m not paying attention. (Seriously, I recently showed someone our wedding photos and he even told me “you make weird faces”.)

The pinafore is from The Black Pinafore, the hat I knit, and the pullover I knit. And yes, it’s just exactly as chartreuse in person as the photos make it out to be. It’s not a new project of mine, I knit it over a year ago (Michelene, on Ravelry here).

There’s nothing really vintage about the pullover, but I think it pairs nicely with the late 30s styling of the pinafore and shoes. I wear both the pullover and pinafore separately quite a bit, and now I love how they pair together, too.

Outfit details: pinafore skirt from The Black Pinafore, 30s wedges from Beth at V is for Vintage, jewelry and brooch are vintage, beret and pullover handknit by me.

And one last photo, as I haven’t shared a “smooshy” lately. (You know, those photos where you smoosh together and take a photo and hope you’re centered and your arm doesn’t take up half the picture.)

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

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