Packing, in textures

I walked around yesterday and took some photos of things I would be packing up sooner or later for the move. Some so soon they’ve already been packed, only a day later!

Boots for moderate winter weather…

Hand knit sweaters…

Unceremoniously stored stockings…

Blouses…lots of blouses…

Garter belts…

Pretty underthings…

End of winter/spring jackets that it will soon be warm enough to wear…

Vintage frames that may one day get lenses…

Cowboy hats…

Don’t you just love different prints, fabrics and textures? I know I sure do!

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Golly, 17 Comments!

  • BLOUSES!! You have a super looking bunch of Lovely on those hangers. Hoping the move goes smoothly!


  • Oh, you have so many lovely blouses!


  • I love garter belts and stockings. They’re much more comfortable to wear than pantyhose. I need to organize them and store them properly.


  • You are reminding me of the joy of unpacking and rediscovering all your loot! All my life is packed up waiting for a big move- I most likely won’t see my stuff for another 2-3 months. I can’t wait! Thanks for a great post- been missing them!


    • Thanks! I’m looking forward to sorting through our loot once we move. Especially since I have some spring/summer clothes in storage that I already haven’t seen since the fall. Yeehaw!


  • I do love different fabrics and textures, especially when presented all together like this! Good luck with the packing and even more with the unpacking at the other end which has to be worse and takes much longer!


  • your wardrobe is so great. all my blouses are blacks, blues and grey’s with the occasional purple on thrown in. I own 2 garter belts 1 black, 1 white and I have the most boring underwear in the world.

    Hope your move goes well.


  • GENIUS idea of storing hose in BAGS! *face-palm for not thinking of that MYSELF*


  • Do the stockings store ok in baggies? I may have to do that today… My system is not working.

    Ugh, packing though! So tiresome to have to sort through and decide what you will need and what you won’t. Just try not to go back and start digging though the boxes you’ve already packed 😀


    • Totally! I just write with a Sharpie on the outside what they are.. knee highs, seamed stockings, unseamed stockings, etc. It used to make me crazy that I couldn’t find the right thing, or match them up, so now at least everything gets its own baggie. Though someday I’d love to sew little vintage-inspired stocking bags (or whatever the technical name might be).


  • Lovely bunch of photos! It’s funny how we get such pleasure from the little details. I thought I was a bit odd because I often find myself absent mindedly looking along a row of hangers and observing the way the different patterns and textures look against eachother. Working out different outfits. Sometimes I’ll re organise the hangers to hang certain garments next to eachother to remind me to try wearing them together,lol!
    Good luck with the move. I reckon you’re a pretty organised kinda gal though, so I’m sure it will go with military precision!


    • Once we move we’ll end up using our own closets in different rooms (because they are so small), so I may just try organizing by color or type! 😀


  • Lovely photos, they make me either want to go and buy some more wool or some fabric! Good luck with the packing! XxxX


  • The boots, the blouses! I love the little details of these photos. Happy moving!


  • I LOVE those vintage bra straps!!!!


  • Indeed, I love all the delightful textures, patterns and vintage hues at work here. Thank you very much for your blog comment on my outfit post yesterday, sweet gal. It was thoroughly fantastic to hear from you again. It sounds like you’ve been exceedingly busy lately, too! I wish you all the best with your own move and hope that you guys adore your new digs.

    Here’s to the beauty and adventure of new life changes!

    ♥ Jessica


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