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Hello all! Today is haircut day. Why am I nervous?

I think it’s because we’re (perhaps?) entering warm weather season here. That will mean lots of heat and humidity, where I live. And in most ways, I am most certainly not a wimp, but I will admit: I am a heat wimp. At the first sign of hot, humid weather I run for hair elastics and scarves and bandanas and anything that will get my hair off my neck faster than you can shake a leg. But I’d still like to look decent if I need to do that. I hope to try out some styles with my new Grip-Tuth hair combs (I love these!) that might make me slightly less twitchy in hot weather. So I think I’ll go for a few inches chopped with suitable vintage-friendly layers, probably slightly shorter than my November haircut. I’m undecided about my bangs and need to consult with my stylist. Fortunately she specializes in vintage hairstyles, so we’ll be having a heart-to-heart this evening.

I’m still a little obsessed with the idea of doing a curl fluff, but I’ll have to discuss with my stylist what options that would give me for days I don’t want to do that (How would I even do that, anyway? Would I look like an idiot? Could I still do a front roll?). Along with some of the photos from my whine about my hair funk, I’ll also be showing her this lovely lady, who I found on Pinterest. Isn’t she grand? (I love her dress and matching bracelet and dress clip, too!) Her hair is much thicker than mine, however, but at least it’s a starting point.

{Source: My Pinterest, original source unknown / no results on}

In other news, I’ve decided I’m going to give Twitter a try again. I’ve had an account for years but have only used it sporadically (most recently was last summer, to keep up with the wildfire in New Mexico that was near my family’s town, for which it was brilliant). But lately I’ve been feeling the need to share just a little bit or two that wouldn’t warrant an entire blog post. And since I just can’t bring myself to use Facebook, I thought I’d give tweeting a try again.

So please, do follow me on Twitter! I’ll have to make the rounds and see who else is on there to follow, too. πŸ™‚

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{Source: Laughing Squid, Retro Future Advertisement for Twitter}

I can’t promise I’ll ever have anything interesting or important to say, but I’ll try and pop in now and again with thoughts that don’t make it to the blog. Quick little updates on sewing and knitting projects, blog posts and links I’m enjoying, outfit photos, mini updates, little things like that, I’m thinking. If you use Twitter, what’s your favorite thing about it?

Hope to see some of you out there, too!

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  • I love that first pic! It looks like it might be Deann Durbin (one of my absolute faves). Good luck with the haircut!!


  • I too am a heat wimp. I picked up some new scarves this year, so hopefully that will help. The last couple of summers I’ve given in and gotten loads chopped off. Helps with the heat a lot but not so good for vintage styles. Can’t wait to see your new do. I bet it will look fabulous!


  • YAY for haircuts! Just have fun and try out every set you can! LOVE LOVE LOVE that 40s gal!


  • I love Twitter πŸ™‚ I tend to use it in place of a messenger or email for quick conversations, but it’s also great for random vintgae related comments and questions. There’s a number of gals I frequent talk to including Andi & Solanah. Excited you’re there now too! My name is the same as here and everywhere if you care to follow me back, not that it’s necessary of course πŸ˜€


  • I feel your pain! I’m in St Louis and the humidity here is just terrible. Its like a rain forest in the summer. My favorite hair tricks for summer are a snood or crochet turban to keep the hair off my neck. I recently found Garnier Fructis has a hairspray for humidity and it has been excellent so far! Good luck tonight, cant wait to see the new cut. p.s. I love that pics! I think I repinned it from your pinterest. Gorgeous!!!


  • I liked this picture too and saved it to my computer! It reminds me of pictures of my mom (who has passed away) from when she was a very young woman.


  • Good luck with the haircut! Have followed you on twitter. I mainly tweet about TV shows & films, whilst occasionally whining about something or other so I can’t promise to be too interesting hehe πŸ™‚
    -Andi x


  • You know, colouring my hair (even with a horror story or two under my belt) has never given me the slightest cause for concern, but when it comes to cuts, much like yourself, I find that countless “what ifs”, concerns, and various thoughts flood my mind at every turn. I’ve had extremely few cuts I liked in my life (not that the poor hairdressers had much to work with, given how thin, straight, and fine my hair is – but still!), and so now just tend to stick with a fairly generic medium length that works relatively well for various vintage styles. Fingers crossed that you love your haircut and that it’s ends up being one of those “why didn’t I do this sooner?!” moments for you, dear gal.

    Oodles of hugs & joyful weekend wishes,


  • That woman is beautiful. Her hair is just great too. I’m taking the plunge and getting my hair cut this weekend too. I’m nervous but hopefully it’ll look good.


  • I love that Twitter poster! Good luck with your haircut, I’m sure it will look fab! XxxX


  • Be careful not to cut off too much. When you curl your hair, it will always look shorter. I love the vintage style of that young woman in the foto. but don’t worry : hair has the ability to grow back…. Good luck, and pls show a pic of the new style, we’re curious…!


  • How did the hair cut go?? I’m still at a loss about my own, so in some hairstyle version of the serenity prayer, I’m changing the color instead. Going back to blonde. My friend, who is a hairstylist, is coming to visit me in late summer and she’s promised to give me a perm, so I am sort of holding out until then. I’m terrified of an 80s perm disaster, but I have heard that when done right, it really helps with these vintage styles. Especially when you have thick, stick straight hair like I do.

    I’m glad to see you on twitter, but I must admit I have always been at odds with that medium. I find it so hard to have conversations with people through it. But, you have made Pinterest a less baffling and dismal place for me, so perhaps you will have the same effect on twitter for me!


  • Not much different, just a bit shorter with all the same annoying issues it had before. Ha! I guess hair is like that. I too am interested in a perm but nervous, I will be really interested to hear what you think later in the summer.

    I can’t seem to handle too many social media outlets at a time, but hopefully Twitter will be fun for short little bits and bobs!


    • I never had a perm in the 80s, being a unrepentant tomboy as a child, so I’m not sure at all what to expect. But I have always desperately wante curly hair. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of having an afro. I guess it just proves that no one is ever happy with their given hair. I’m looking forward to curlym hair, even if it’s a bit of a mess.


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