1942 inspiration: Finnish fashion & knitting drawings

Happy Friday!

Thanks so much for all the comments on my Curlicute cardigan! ♥ That pattern was from 1940, which I’m going to use as a nice segue into today’s post. Earlier this month I shared with you some scans from a small collection of vintage Finnish knitting booklets that a Finnish reader was gracious enough to send me. That post was from 1952, and this one is from 1942. I know I said I’d scan 1951 but the results weren’t as nice, so we’re jumping back to the 40s instead.

The really interesting thing about this publication is all the truly amazing drawings! It’s the only vintage knitting resource I have that actually has more drawings than photos. Some of the knitting was photographed in it, but more often than not, just drawings were shown. I’ve kept the original color in the scans… I don’t mind seeing the actual age of the old paper.

Isn’t the cover fantastic?? A matching parasol, one-piece swim or play suit and purse. Yes please!

And aren’t these swim suits just divine as well? I love this spread. Of course, I’ll have to rely on one of my Finnish readers to explain exactly what this ad was doing in a knitting publication. lol

Here’s an example of a drawing and the final sweater, too. I’m trying not to be scared off by the severe expression of the platinum blond. 😉

Lots more stripes were featured, too. (Don’t you think the woman on the right looks a bit like Solanah?)

I love the entire outfit on the right below. I’ll take those shoes too, thanks.

And more scenes at the beach. As we sit here with more snow on the ground, this is looking mighty nice right about now!

Don’t you wish you could buy these purse kits? Check out the one with the sailor outfits. I want to make that!

But my favorite is a two-page spread of dresses. I had to piece it together, so click on it if you’d to see it a little larger! Aren’t they amazing? Definitely inspiration-worthy for Sew for Victory, wouldn’t you say?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this batch. I was so happy to hear from several Finnish readers who enjoyed the last post, so I’ve tried to keep more of the text in this batch. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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