The Golly Ranch bathroom remodel: the big reveal!

I’m back for what you’ve really been waiting for on the remodeling front, to see the final bathroom.

If you missed it, here is yesterday’s before and during renovation post. Sorry I split them up (I know that made some of you crazy!), but there was just too much to share. πŸ™‚

As you know, I only had two weeks to plan out nearly every single detail of our bathroom renovation, though the work itself took considerably longer of course. There were many emails and phone calls exchanged with my dad before he got here, since he was in New Mexico and I was in Chicago. And crappy drawings like this, where I tried to cram in as much info for my dad as possible.

Now you must know that I really, really fretted about the final bathroom. I knew in my head that I wanted it to maintain somewhat of a retro 1950s feel, but with modern touches as well. I knew it wouldn’t be a full-on retro renovation, but definitely a very retro-inspired renovation. I wanted a bathroom that was appropriate in our modest mid-century house, felt retro enough to suit our tastes, was cheerful, bright and appealing, and had at least a couple of great visual elements. All while not changing the layout much since it’s a pretty small room. Tall order, huh?

My original mood board changed somewhat since I first posted it on my blog in May, but you’ll see that even though we made some tweaks, we really stuck with this general design!

What did we keep? The color scheme (though opting for a bright blue for the walls instead of a light aqua), the towel ring, bar and hook, and chrome inset toilet paper holder.

What did we change? All the tile, the vanity, the faucet and sink (though mostly tweaks to my original ideas).

The main reason I haven’t posted about this sooner is that photographing this room is HARD. I literally had to try every single combination of natural light and bounced flash at every time of the day and night that I could come up with. Because of all the glass and the big glass block window, it’s damn near impossible to photograph some of the angles of this bathroom. So please forgive any lighting discrepancies and reflections in mirrors. I’ve tried to capture it as accurately as possible and these photos were taken many different days.

And here we go, this is the new Golly Ranch bathroom!

Let’s have a refresher from my renovation post to see the before and after views!

Remember the soffits that took up 15″ of the majority of the ceiling? No more! We now have an 8′ bathroom ceiling! Complete with a properly vented fan (there was no ventilation before, period), a shower light, and two vanity lights.

Just look at the difference in that ceiling!

Here’s a look at the vanity lights and recessed medicine cabinets. Seriously, I had no idea how excited I’d be to have my own recessed medicine cabinet!

(Careful inspection of the photo below will reveal I took it prior to the shower glass installation or hanging the chalkware on the wall.)

The vanity lights are Saber bath bars that we bought locally from Lightology, although you can order from them online.

I initially really liked the IKEA Savern double light and the Rejuvenation Hardware Gemini (the Savern is a much thriftier and stripped-down cousin of the Gemini, at $29 each vs. $240 each). Both had more of the mid-century feel that I wanted. First, we wouldn’t have had enough time for the Gemini to arrive during the time frame of the reno. Second, with both the Gemini and the Savern, I really worried about the diffuse light output and wattage, even with two of them. I didn’t want to end up with great-looking lights that I cursed whenever I couldn’t clearly see what I was doing. So we went with the Saber bath bars.

And the light output is great! Nice and bright, but not harsh or too strong. They’re perfect.

I have to say that I love having the two medicine cabinets instead of one huge mirror, it really fits the space so nicely and doesn’t overwhelm the room. The medicine cabinets are Kohler, and are 20″ x 26″. They’re similar (though more plain) to the ones featured in this Retro Renovation post. The quality is great! And with mirrors on the inside of the doors too, I can open them both up and once again see the back of my head when I set my hair. Ha ha!

By the way, the ends of the vanity lights are open, so when they’re on (and even when they’re off in bright daylight, like below), they cast cool round spots on the wall.

Here’s our vanity, sink, and chrome faucets, all from IKEA’s Godmorgon line. I fell in love with the simple, modern vanity online. On a fact finding mission to IKEA, we were pleased with the quality and decided on which combination to get. We ended up preferring the look and quality of the porcelain sink compared to the cultured marble sink that we initially were leaning towards, until we saw it in person. We just didn’t think it would wear well over time, and we liked the softer and more classic lines of the porcelain sink better.

The faucets are kind of fun and different, so I think they’re a unique touch in the room. I love that they swivel, which is great for washing your face or cleaning up! I thought with the extra height of the faucets and relatively shallow sink basins that it would be really splashy, but I don’t find it more problematic than our original sink (which was pretty shallow, too).

I really liked the idea of having two sinks, and I thought the Godmorgon integrated porcelain countertop was rather charming, compared to some of the ultra contemporary versions I saw that felt kind of harsh. The only downside is having less actual counter space to put things on, but for me personally, if I have more surface space I’ll just crap it up. Eventually, we’ll find a neat vintage tray to go on the back between the basins to hold a few items, but finding one narrow enough has been tough.

While the space could have fit the next size up vanity (it comes in 4 sizes I believe), we decided we wanted something a little smaller, so this one is 47 1/4″ wide. We didn’t want it to be as imposing as our last vanity, which felt like it took up half the room… because it kind of did. The new vanity has a little breathing room, which fits the scale of the room better.

Since the original vanity was not in good enough condition to re-use in the room, we really are quite pleased with the alternative we picked. (And I’m so glad, because I really stressed out about replacing the original one. But the photos of it really didn’t show the water damage and poor condition of the wood, especially inside.)

So the vanity and sink serve as my modern homage to the 1959 American Standard integrated sink and countertop plus vanity halfway down this Retro Renovation post and this pink one, which I adore. No, our version isn’t retro per se, but it really works in our retro-inspired bathroom, I think!

It’s floated on the wall, too. Hello, easy cleaning! You can get right under there. Love that.

Now enough about the vanity. One thing we didn’t change is our toilet. It’s a Gerber Ultra Flush that we bought last year, after seeing an old post where it was recommended by Pam on Retro Renovation.

It has a nice 50s look to it and looked decent in the old bathroom, but looks downright spiffy in the new bathroom!

While our toilet wasn’t made here, Gerber is a local Chicago brand that goes way back. In fact, lots of their products are named after Chicago neighborhoods. (Um no, you won’t find an Ultra Flush neighborhood on the map.)

The toilet area accessories are new and also from IKEA, the Lillholmen trash can and toilet brush. I think they’re adorable and add another 50s touch, especially with the scallops. How cute is that! The trash can has a neat little ring inside to hold a bag without you seeing it on the outside (which is one of my trash can pet peeves). Genius.

The window is one of my favorite touches. When my dad gutted the bathroom, he knew that we wouldn’t be able to reuse the original Colonial style wood casing on the bathroom and closet doors because the level of the floor was going to change a bit (plus some of it was in bad condition). But he had the idea to trim the window with it, and then buy modern Colonial casing for the doors. Modern casing is 1/4″ different in size than our original 1950s casing, but you’d never notice it since the modern and original are on opposite sides of the room.

I love that the original casing lives on in a new way in the bathroom! I also think the window looks amazing trimmed with wood. We really trusted my dad’s judgment on this because neither of us could envision it, and are we ever glad we did!

Here’s another before and after. It’s also a dramatic difference since the soffit was at the upper edge of the window prior to the renovation, so the whole look is completely transformed.

My dad touched up the grout between the glass blocks too, so it looks good as new. Before it was a weird mix of dirty grout and caulk, and some of it falling apart. I absolutely love how the window looks now!

You’ll see we already have several vintage items in the bathroom, including a ceramic fish planter, a pink McCoy planter with a bamboo print (with an actual plant in it), and two sets of vintage chalkware. All were items we already had! Now we’re on the hunt for mermaid chalkware, though vintage ones are kind of rare and often pricey.

By the way, the treasure chest and matching fish are above the toilet, but that will eventually be replaced with a custom sliding glass door wood cabinet my dad is going to build in the future, modeled after a 1963 steel bathroom shelf I was obsessing over. So that chalkware will just get relocated elsewhere in the bathroom.

Let’s move on to the single most difficult thing to photograph in the room: the shower! Good gravy, I tried to photograph this so many times in so many different ways using every possible lighting scenario imaginable. This also is the most modern thing in the bathroom, but I love how nicely it fits in with all the retro elements, as I’d hoped it would. (But you never know until you see it!)

Here’s another before and after. I can’t even tell you how wonderful it is looking back at the photos of the old bathroom and saying good bye to that pinky beige wonderland! And doesn’t the new shower look bigger?

Not having a wall all the way to the ceiling between the shower and toilet went a long way in making the shower feel huge and the bathroom feel bigger overall! So the wet wall was changed from the wall by the toilet (that’s now glass 3/4 of the way down) to the hall wall.

I started off wanting the shower tile white as well as the wall tile, just having the shower floor tile blue, but along the way I changed my mind and came up with the current color scheme. The tile is 3/4″ mosaic glass tile, Brio Blend Cool Pool, from Modwalls. It comes on 13″ x 13″ sheets. It was half the price of a lot of the “specialty” colored tile at the big box stores, none of which we felt were particularly interesting.

I worried all the while that my design was going to make the shower overwhelm the rest of the room, like a big tile box screaming at you, “Hi! I’m big and blue!”. Seriously, this was a huge concern of mine! But in the end, I’m absolutely ecstatic with how it looks with all the white paint, white tile and blue paint.

I seriously can’t say enough good things about this tile. The photos don’t even do it justice! And Modwalls has great customer service. We were nervous about ordering tile online but it couldn’t have been easier.

I think the fact that we tried to match the wall paint to one of the shades of tile really helped tie the shower into the rest of the bathroom. The paint color is Sherwin Williams Candid Blue. I brought in a sample of the tile and just found the closest paint color to the second lightest tile in the mosaic.

In the close up, you can see the slight speckled affect the tile has. And it’s not clear but opaque. It’s just really cool stuff!

Oh by the way, see the top of the glass walls? That was about where our ceiling ended before. Can you believe how much space we gained?

I requested some way to put my leg up when I shave, so my dad came up with the idea of a fold-away shower seat.

The corner-shaped wall serves as privacy if you’re sitting on the shower seat, but it’s low enough not to block your view in or out of the shower.

By the way, this is Pia’s favorite place to sit in the bathroom!

Mel, who was a dear through this entire design process as I hemmed and hawed and changed my mind every 10 minutes, had literally only one specific request in the entire bathroom: a rainhead for the shower. Now who could say no to that!

No doubt, the Hansgrohe shower system my dad helped up pick (he knows his stuff!) was the one real splurge in the bathroom. Was it worth it? Um, YES. I think it fits in great and honestly, had something like this existed in the 50s, I feel like it might have looked a bit like this (I like to think, anyway). Chrome, clean lines, not fussy. I love this thing.

Around the bend from the shower is the bathroom door and the linen closet. The doors and casing were painted glossy white. My dad replaced the rusty brass hinges with chrome, and used a tulip-shaped bathroom set for the door knobs (where the inside is chrome and the hall side is polished brash, to match the other hall knobs). We could literally not find a tulip-shaped passage set for the linen closet in chrome anywhere, so that had to be brass (which matches the rest of the house, at least). That was kind of a running joke for awhile during the reno!

Remember in my last post I mentioned that the previous bathroom tile extended into the hall and beyond? No longer, obviously. My dad bridged that gap with a piece of oak, which matches the original hardwood floors in our bedrooms and living room. The American Olean black and white mosaic pinwheel tile was purchased at Lowe’s. It’s a classic look that I love and I think it’s part of what really makes this room.

Oh, you know that big glass block window? It makes the neatest light display in the bathroom in late afternoon.

Back to the closet. Here’s the inside, with the new adjustable shelving.

And some of my vintage kitchen towels inside…

Now before you say, “What the hell, why is there nothing in your linen closet, how are you that organized and/or why do you have that little stuff?!!”

Because this is what the closet looked like before the remodel. Welcome to our closet of shame.

We re-housed some things like out-of-season blankets and such that I didn’t want to look at year-round. And it’s still a bit of a work-in-progress. πŸ™‚

I love that I now have an easily-accessible spot for bathroom cleaning supplies and toilet paper. I keep the toilet paper in a black bin on the closet floor (which can easily be carried downstairs to our storage room when we need to refill), and our cleaning supplies in a blue laundry bin. Since there are holes in the side of the bin, I just stuff my cleaning gloves in so that they can hang to dry.

And yes, I did try to color-coordinate the containers in the closet with the rest of the bathroom! The blue bins and laundry basket are from Target. The black bin was just something we had around from an old storage unit.

Here’s a before and after of the new chrome hinges and hook on the back of our door, compared to the old brass ones.

Boy, I love that hook!

A few of the retro elements that I adore in the room are the matching Rejuvenation Hardware chrome starburst double hook on the back of the door, towel ring for a hand towel, and 24″ towel bar for our bath towels. In hindsight I’d have bought the 30″ towel bar, but I actually bought these items last year when we were going to paint the bathroom and replace hardware… which clearly didn’t happen. So we used them in the remodel!

I told you the towels from before the renovation would re-appear. They are cream and blue (and our bath mats are also cream) while the tile is white, but I think it still works. I didn’t want to retire perfectly good linens and bath mats that were only a year old, plus I just love the towels so much that the color was part of the inspiration for the room.

The towels are Perpetual Blooms from Anthropologie, but they don’t have this color now. Like several items purchased for this remodel (as you’ve probably noticed by now), I first spotted them on Retro Renovation. I love these towels and they look as good as new a year later! It was definitely worth the splurge. The bath mats are from Sears, and are also holding up nicely in spite of their light color.

So other than designing so quickly, what’s the element that I struggled with the most during this remodel?

This may sound funny, but it was the white subway tile. I spent many sleepless nights debating the pros and cons of classic 1950s 4″ x 4″ tile for the walls versus the more modern subway tile. I worried that selecting subway would feel like too much of a modern touch, but I wasn’t in love with the idea of 4″ x 4″ tile, mid-century appropriate or not. It was a conundrum.

Once we did decide on subway, for awhile I had the notion of capping it with a row of black liner tile, and we even bought the liner tile. But once the subway tile was on the walls, we all agreed it just didn’t need the black. In the end, I love the final look. And with it going halfway up the wall, it still retains a bit of that classic 50s bathroom look that would otherwise have been accomplished with 4″ x 4″ tile. I’m glad we picked the subway tile, because I think it’s perfect in this bathroom.

Well my friends, we’ve come to the end! I’m thrilled that my dad was able to do this bathroom for us. It makes it all the more special. And I’m so happy to share it with you.

With all said and done now, and after time to reflect on our choices and live with the bathroom awhile, I really feel we captured exactly what we were going for in this renovation. A little 1950s, a little modern, and a lot awesome! And I think it fits in great in our modest, mid-century ranch.

It’s impossible not to smile when you walk into this cheerful retro-inspired bathroom!

I can’t say it enough: I LOVE this bathroom!!

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Golly, 56 Comments!

  • Your new bathroom is absolutely beautiful! What a big difference this renovation made – and how lucky are you to have such a lovely, talented dad to help you make your dream bathroom a reality?! Amazing!


  • Very Bloody IMPRESSIVE!!!! Love the colours and new design, a lot of work but worth it. Congrats…


  • Well, that is just astonishing. What a beautiful bathroom, and quite the transformation. But oh, the labor and all those decisions! I know you will enjoy this room many times every day. The shower is especially dreamy. Love that blue tile and how it goes with the floor and subway wall tile.


  • It looks 100x better! Amazing! I’ve renovated before and it’s SO MUCH WORK!!! But worth it πŸ™‚ Good job!

    -Amy (


  • Incredible transformation! I LOVE it!! I want this bathroom in my house.. Haha!


  • This is amazing Tasha. What a transformation! I love all the details like the bin (trash can), the star shaped hook and towel rail and I especially love your floor tiles. It’s all just gorgeous. I’m not surprised you are so happy with it! And how nice your dad could do it all for you, exactly as you wanted!

    I’d love to see the rest of your house now. Because I am nosey!!!! πŸ™‚


  • It turned out fantastic–great job!


  • Wow, I am stunned, don’t know what to say. It is perfect!!!
    Maybe I wouldn’t have expected it to be that modern, but you are absolutely right, it is the perfect mid-century-contemporary-mixture.
    And so perfectly executed. I ecspecially love the shower, those gigantic glass walls, they look so elegant.


  • Wowee! That’s beautiful! It’s hard to explain but it’s very retro but kind of spa-like at the same time (but not spa-like in a bad way, if you catch my drift). The color reminds me of being under the sea (as do your touches of fish, etc.) How on Earth do you ever leave that shower in the morning?? I’m slightly obsessed with that cute trashcan. IKEA, you say?


    • Isn’t that trash can the best?! Who knew I could go gaga over a trash can. I’m seriously tempted to go buy another one to sock away for the inevitable day this one gets rusty some years down the line.

      Thanks for your comment, I know exactly what you mean about retro and spa-like but not spa-like in a bad way! That’s totally what I was thinking and hoping for, too. πŸ˜€


  • oh my god it is FANTASTIC. It must be wonderful getting ready in the morning!! Such a lovely, colorful, vibrant and vintage space – so very you πŸ™‚ Beautiful, my friend!


  • Oh YAY! I just saw your before post (a day late) and not seconds later found this one pop up.

    I love how thoughtfully you’ve discussed each element in your bathroom and why. I love the double sinks and vanity. I can’t tell you how often I have to jockey for the bathroom sink with Felix before going to bed. I long for a dual sink-vanity combo.

    And mirrors with mirrors inside to do one’s hair. Perfection! I use my compact to spy the back of my hair still. Oooh I can’t wait to have a home of my very own so that I can play around with it.

    Can’t say enough wonderful words about your new bathroom design. The shower fixtures seem wonderful, way to go Mel! So… I want to come over just so I can use your bathroom. That’s not creepy is it?! heh


    • Thanks Liz! We weren’t sure initially we had room for dual sinks without it feeling really tight (and having a vanity that took up as much room as the last one), but once we saw the integrated unit, we were thrilled. And the mirrors in and on the medicine cabinets are awesome… I’d gotten into the habit of never looking at the back of my head, even on brushing out my curls, which probably meant I looked crazy from behind half the time and had no idea. LOL

      You are non-creepily welcome to come use our bathroom anytime! ;D


  • Holy Moses that’s AMAZING. Seriously, seriously, one amazing bathroom. SO worth all the stress and hard work! When I come visit, can I just sleep in the shower? Bahah! Also, I never thought I’d say this, but that is one super cute toilet brush lol.


    • I know, I never thought I’d even SEE a cute toilet brush! LOL

      We will just lay a blanket and pillow in the shower for you when you visit! πŸ˜‰


  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shower! The whole bathroom looks great!


  • I just have to say that I think your little drawing of the toilet?

    Is the cutest thing ever!



  • AWESOME! I love the floor and subway tile so much! I must feel great to have a brand new room just for you guys (made with love by your pop)! Congratulations!!!


  • Hi, thank you so much for sharing your photos and details of your bathroom-it looks gorgeous. I am just starting a bathroom remodel and am in the throes of indecision and I love seeing real people’s bathrooms vs million dollar bathrooms. My husband wants a rainshower…can you tell me what Hansgrohe model # it is? Thanks, Felicia


  • Such a gorgeous room! I think I love the floor tiles and the star shaped hooks/rails the best. Beautiful. I think my one addition to this room would be a shelf just above the tiles, between the two sets of sink taps. I like too have somewhere at that level in front of the mirror to put down hair pins, make up, hair dye pots etc while I use them.


  • my absolute fav part is the fold away shower seat. Brilliance! I need one badly. When I lived in Boston I rented a floor in an old house that had a pink bathroom. I loved it!


  • Dude, this is freaking AMAZING. I bow at your design chops and your dad’s incredible bathroom-modeling-handyman (srsly… can he just do everything? He seems like the kind of dude who can do everything) skills. The overall transform is beyond anything I could have imagined. I loved reading this post and seeing all the thought and detail you put into everything! And yay for your pretty new bathroom! The tile in the shower and the starburst hooks are my favorite parts πŸ™‚


  • That blue is spectacular!! The little details you have in here really make the room special. It looks like a wonderful retreat!


  • *swoon*
    My little house is from ’49, so seeing your renovation is positively inspiring! Well done!


  • Great job! Looks fabulous!


  • *gasp* holy moly! You guys did an amazing job! I’m so envious of your bathroom window too! I don’t know what it is but even as a kid, I always went crazy over the glass bricks and begged my parents to use them in our house! πŸ˜› I love the colors and everything. It’s so retro but so modern at the same time. Beautifully done!!


  • I think this is the best reno I have ever seen – and its so retro and amazing. You have a great eye for design and have chosen lovely fittings and fixtures to make a very functional modern bathroom with a great retro vibe. Well done! Enjoy!!


  • What a wonderful remodelling! Congrats


  • Your new bathroom is so, so dreamy! I love the floor tiles, the tiled shower, the original toilet, the double sinks and mirrors…I could go on! Well done to you for the vision and a massive well done to your dad for being such an artist…what an amazing job he’s done!!!


  • wow, it looks fantastic! Every little detail is just gorgeous, especially the amazing shower!!! Way to go on the lovely design.


  • I really enjoyed reading your two make-over posts – congratulations on your fabulous new bathroom (-:


  • This was so nice! Love it! πŸ˜€


  • I think you have done an amazing job, retro feel with all the practicallities of modern living! Lovely


  • Exquisitely beautiful!! More importantly, you have one loving Dad! I hope you cherish him and tell him often what a great Dad he is!


  • It is nothing short of breathtaking, I really mean that. Ask my cat, I just audibly gasped aloud as I scrolled through the photos. From the gorgeous times to the serene ocean-esque palette to those gorgeous damask towels, I adore it all! Many, many happy congrats on your stunning new bathroom!

    β™₯ Jessica


  • Totally gorgeous!!!! Love that blue tile…..


  • Your starburst towel holders and hook are the bees knees, gosh I love them!


  • Love it :)Nice job Tasha!


  • WHAAAAAAT?!?!?! I can barely believe this is the same room– what a transformation! Seriously fab– it’s so much brighter and cleaner! I love the blue, and the shower looks fabulous! Your dad was so smart to trim the window– it’s a small detail, but it looks so finished and professional! Enjoy your new bathroom!


  • Amazing transformation, love it.


    The Marvelous World of Narcissa


  • You and your dad make a fantastic team πŸ™‚ It looks so much better- I LOVE the blue (and I always think bathrooms look good in blue!).


  • It’s beautiful!


  • I didn’t know you could fall in love with a bathroom…. So can I hire your dad to come out to my house in California? hahaha πŸ™‚ Tell him he has a fan in San Luis Obispo, CA!


  • Looks great!! I’m about 60% of the way done with my bathroom remodel right now and I know how much work this is! You are lucky your dad could help you with so much. Most of my remodel has been me working with the occasional lifting strength of my husband. It is taking me so much longer than I thought, but it is starting to really come together! πŸ™‚ I raised the ceiling in my bathroom too (whole ceiling was a foot shorter than the rest of the house) and already, it makes a HUGE difference!


    • Thanks Kate! Well your projects are so special because you’re amazing at doing all the work! All I can claim on this one is helping come up with the design, and a tiny bit of grouting and wall work projects my dad left for me. lol

      I really can’t wait to see what your master bath looks like when it’s all completed! (Isn’t it amazing how much room you feel like you gain by raising the ceiling height?!)


  • Okay, so I hope this is cool with you, but I’ve decided to move in. Because it’s just plain selfish of ya’ll to have such amazingness and not share it. With me. Besides my fave color is That Exact Blue and that tiled shower is KILLING ME. So! I’ll be there by the week’s end. I’ll sleep in my car if I gotta, just to experience that bathroom (and, btw, were weirder words ever spoken?) In all seriousness, congrats, this looks incredible!


  • STUNNING! You’ve done an amazing job. Really gorgeous! x


  • Wow, that is REALLY, REALLY amazing work y’all did! I adore the fish accents in the bathroom…and those starburst accessories are FAB! Simply beautiful!


  • You really did a great job, it’s very beautiful !!!!
    I love all things : colors, fish, stars ….

    With a beatutiful wardrobe now you have a beautiful bathroom…. to make you complete Pin Up…


  • Best transformation! Actually bathroom remodelling is an internal part of the home remodelling. Layout is important in a bathroom remodel & placing the toilet where your toilet will be located will influence your bathroom renovation.


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