Wearing bold prints and bright colors this summer

This summer, I’ve found I would much rather be wearing separates than a dress. And bold, beautifully colored ones are really catching my eye.

I have several patterned separates that need coordinating solid pieces to put together outfits rather than wardrobe orphans. So I’m trying to fill in where I can this summer! Unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of time to sew lately, so a couple of the gaps I’ve filled in with a recent purchase from Trashy Diva.

I’m wearing their new Trixie top, which I included in my halter styles inspiration post. I ordered two because their shipping is high, and sometimes you have to maximize shipping, right? That’s what I tell myself, anyhow.

The top is cropped, hitting just at my natural waist (the skirt is actually a little big on me, so sitting just below). With a skirt or shorts sitting right at your waist you’d occasionally get peeks of midriff as you went about your daily business.

I’m quite pleased with it. I don’t buy a lot new these days, so I’m pretty choosy! The quality is very nice, and the fit is great, with wide elastic panels on the sides. There are two straps that button in the back with three button holes, so you can tie the straps into a halter, wear them straight as I am, or cross them in the back! I love adjustable straps since they’re often too long on me.

The top is made from stretch cotton poplin, is fully lined with self-fabric and has a covered center back zipper with hook and eye closure at the very top.

Take note that you may need to size down. The elastic sides are quite stretchy so the fit is forgiving. I’m about a 34/35″ full bust these days, and I’m wearing a small which is meant for a 32″+ bust.

I’m wearing it with a 1950s novelty print skirt that’s like a full-on carnival.

This skirt is just crazy. Hot pink, yellow, orange, turquoise, lime green and black on white. There’s flowers, Native Americans, cars, marching bands, guns, lemonade stands, balloons and more.

It’s like a Rube Goldberg machine met a carnival and had a skirt baby.

Did I mention the hot dogs? I know, I know. I don’t get it, either. Is this scene supposed to mean something, or is it just 1950s lunacy??

I paired it with some orange and green Bakelite bangles and vintage flower earrings.

The heat of summer usually finds me growing tired of setting my hair and dealing with rollers and drooping hair and I don’t even feel like wearing scarves, so I’ve been sporting braids a lot lately.

I didn’t wear this outfit anywhere, just a day working at home. Like I said in my last post, I’m trying to make more of an effort… and I’ll be talking about this in the future, too!

I paired the outfit with emerald green sandals, a color I’m loving right now. I’m not all clogs and wedges in summer… when it starts to bake outside I want as little as possible on my feet, and at least these let me do it in style. (Even if I think they could lose the little blingy metal plate…I forgive them that because of the color.)

Everyone knows about the stereotypical shoes women favored in the 40s and 50s, but if you look at a variety of resources, you’ll see plenty of examples of sandals similar to this! I’ve been wearing these practically everyday.

(I was standing near a pot I didn’t use this year but then discovered there were some volunteer petunias in it from last year’s flowers!)

I think full skirts are great to beat the heat as they’re roomy and breezy, much more than my usual preferred A-lines. So I’m definitely favoring them lately. Especially in cotton, which is my most favorite fabric to wear, you have a perfect match for summer. Can’t beat it!

Summer is a great time to enjoy novelty prints, bright colors and fun sandals, don’t you think??

outfit details

top: Trashy Diva Trixie Top
1950s circle skirt: Secondhand Wonderland on Etsy
vintage earrings: gift from my mom
Bakelite bangles: here and there
sandals: Zappos
hair flowers: Ruth Nore Designs and Details by J. Lynn

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