By Gum, By Golly relaunch: now with Moxie!

I’m so excited to officially announce the new By Gum, By Golly redesign today!

Thanks to Joelle of Moxie Design Studios, this blog now has an amazing new look and great functionality. I seriously couldn’t be more pleased. Tickled, flabbergasted… doesn’t even begin to cover it!

Some astute readers noticed the new site technically went live yesterday, but we’ve been working behind the scenes to get things ready. I still have a lot of housekeeping to do (rebuilding my blogroll, re-organizing lots of posts, etc), so please excuse me if you notice any hiccups along the way. I’m still getting my feet wet with WordPress (bye bye, Blogger) and the new site.

The most noticeable difference to you (other than the fab design!) is that the URL of my site has changed. I’m no longer using, I’m now using But don’t worryβ€”all of my old posts redirect to the new links! So it should hopefully be a pretty seamless transition for my readers.

You’ll notice lots of fun new things on this site, like…

  • a navigation menu that includes some of the topics I yammer on about the most such as knitting, sewing, tutorials (all three of those have sub-categories in the menu!), and my vintage wardrobe, which covers outfit posts and items I sew and knit for my wardrobe
  • lots o’ social media icons so you can follow me anywhere you’d like
  • Pinterest and Instagram on the sidebar
  • a rotating Tutorials & How-To section on the sidebar
  • a holy-mama-so-easy way to actually find my content including categories and a tag cloud in the sidebar, as well a great site search

And here’s the photo used on my brand new About page. If you ever wondered what started my obsession with vintage, check it out. πŸ™‚


Thank you SO much to Joelle and Moxie Design Studios for whipping this blog into shape and putting a serious spring in my step. I couldn’t be happier or more thankful!!

Wouldn’t you agree By Gum, By Golly has serious moxie now??

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