Fall for Cotton: My project plans

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about the new blog design! I’m just bursting with excitement about it. πŸ™‚

Well sew-alongers, it’s taken me awhile to decide what I want to sew for Fall for Cotton! There are so many inspiring patterns being posted in the Flickr group. And today is September 1st so you know what that meansβ€”it’s our official sewing start date. Yay!

Well, it turns out Rochelle and I are going to be twinsies. Hee hee! Not that this is any great surprise to either of us, as we love a lot of the same things style-wise. Like her, I’ve decided to sew up a pair of trousers and a blouse. I was first leaning towards a dress, but with Fall approaching I really am in a trousers and jeans mood, so it seemed only natural.

Here’s the funniest part: in Rochelle’s inspiration post, she shared a page from the 1942 Sears catalog. Guess what year my patterns are from? Yep. 1942!


Actually though, I’m not going to sew McCall 4803, the trouser pattern. I’d have to grade it down and quite frankly I’m not in the mood. So instead, I’m going to sew the repro Simplicity 3688 that served me well in my Sew Grateful Week trousers. I’m thinking of adding belt loops to make them look more like the McCall pattern.

As for the blouse, I’ll go with the open convertible collar and short sleeves. A different vintage blouse pattern in my stash features saddle stitching around the collar which I think is so cute, and Rochelle helped convince me it would be a great addition to my blouse! I’ve actually never done saddle stitching, so I’m wondering what I should use. Embroidery floss? Buttonhole twist?


I’m going to use vintage fabric for the blouse and evergreen corduroy from JoAnn’s for the trousers. If I have enough fabric leftover, I may even make a matching belt out of the blouse fabric! Instead of the red vintage buttons I picked out, I could use this amazing button and buckle set…


But call me crazy, I’m tempted not to use it yet. I’ve been waiting for the perfect project, which I kind of feel would be a shirt dress and matching belt, instead of a matching belt for the blouse. Most of my trousers don’t have belt loops (except jeans, which might make me look like a navy sandwich), so unless I get to sewing, I’d relegate the belt to limited use.

What do you think? I’m excited about my choices, just need to make some button and belt decisions. How are your plans coming along??

Just as an FYI, I’ll be out of town this coming week, so if you have any questions please contact Rochelle or check in the Flickr group. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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Golly, 18 Comments!

  • Good choices!

    I also have the same button and buckle set! It was a gift from a fellow blogger πŸ™‚


  • Oh, that button and buckle set would be amazing with my sew along dress! Might need to see if I can find one somewhere… I love your choices for this project!


  • Ha, I hadn’t intended on joining in on the pants and shirt brigade, but I recently decided that I want to be Rosie the Riveter for Halloween this year. In addition to the cotton jersey 40s dress that I’m planning to make, I’m going to try to squeeze in my Halloween sewing as well since it’s so in the spirit of this challenge. I’m planning on making those Wearing History overalls out of cotton denim and a button up rolled-sleeves shirt out of cotton chambray. I already have the polka-dot hair scarf made (because I wear it all the time in my usual wardrobe) and it too is 100% cotton!


  • You could. Use top stitch thread for the stitching. Not quite as thick and shiny/plyed as buttonhole twist and more compact than embroidery floss. I’ve waxed it before and used for handsewn buttonholes.


  • I think it looks like it will be a fun project!


  • Looking forward to seeing what you make! And I love the combination of that print with the red buttons and belt buckle.


  • I think I would save the buckle and buttons for a dress. I love the blouse patterns though, especially the ones on the left.


  • I’m looking forward to seeing your progress! I just so happen to be sewing something out fo 100% cotton just now (and have been for the last four months, oops!), I might just enter that if it’s ok!


  • Wow, there are some great vintage patterns there. I love your buttons and belt loop!! Use them, use them!!! I have both my fabric and pattern BUT I have to grade it down by 5 sizes.


  • That pants pattern is to die for! I’m still a novice when it comes to sewing, so what does “grade it down” mean?

    And I totally understand about not quite wanting to use that button and buckle set yet! I imagine a fabulous 40s shirt or even jacket that has a nice belt, creating an almost peplum.



    • Thanks Janey! Grading up or down is a way to change the size of a pattern if it’s not going to fit you. I try not to have to do that very often, but I couldn’t resist the trouser pattern even though it’s a few sizes too big. πŸ˜‰


  • Oh! Can’t wait to see! πŸ™‚


  • Love your choices! I agree with you, the buckle and buttons need to be used on something fab like a shirtdress. Can’t wait to see these sewn up.


  • *squee!* I love the button and buckle set! Before you use them make a mold of them so that you can make more buttons and buckles in all sorts of colors. This blogger has a super tutorial for that. http://www.sewchibi.com/2013/02/buttons-buttons-whos-got-buttons-button.html

    My vintage 70’s fabric turned out to a synthetic material and I cut it too small in the waist! *cries* I don’t have enough fabric in the french seams to let it out. It’s sitting and just waiting for my help on my sewing table.


  • How awesome that you two lovely ladies are working on similar outfits for this great sewing challenge. Goodness knows, if I was able to sew, I’d be following your lead big time – I need pants something fierce, and store bought vintage appropriate or repro ones rarely work on me (thank you, short, curvy figure and corgi-esque length legs!! ;)).

    I’m so excited to see what you both create!

    β™₯ Jessica


  • It’s getting to the point where I mistake our texts for blog comments haha!! I know I told you how much love your inspiration already, but I do. It’s awesome and we’re going to be the bestest twinsies EVER! p.s. you better lock up your vintage cotton when I come to visit cuz dude. Best. Stash. Ever.


  • I really really like that fabric! And I’m glad to know someone that loves red, white, and blue as much as I do! πŸ™‚


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