Resources roundup for the fit & knit a 40s pullover series

Thank you for the lovely comments on my finished pullover! Many of you commented on the great color of the yarn, too. Truth be told that’s my absolutely favorite shade of red. You may have noticed that you rarely see me in a lot of red though (outside of lipstick and nail polish) because I’m super picky about them, so it’s ideal having a great staple pullover in a favorite shade!

Fitting and knittinga 1947 pullover: roundup of resource posts

As promised, here’s a list of all the posts in my fitting and knitting a 1940s pullover project, from start to finish. You can also find all of the posts tagged here:

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments both here and via email, throughout this series. It was really a pleasure walking through this project with you step-by-step!

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Have a great weekend! One of my plans? To relax a bit (because I need to!), I’ll be starting on the Wooly Wormhead Mystery Hat Knit-Along (Ravelry group). The first clue is out today!


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