Dublin holiday: places and spaces

My friends, I’m back from Dublin’s Fair City!

It was a wonderful vacation. Really and truly. Not a relaxing on the beach or hiking in the mountains holiday. But one where we planted ourselves in the same city the whole time (which we often haven’t done and thus would find ourselves dead tired by the end), did as much as we could without feeling rushed, took a couple of day trips, got to see old friends, and generally enjoyed everything we did.

In case you missed it while I was gone, I had three fabulous guest posts!

And hey, I even managed to blog once from the road! I shared photos from our day trip to Newgrange and the Hill of Tara.

So now that we’re home, I thought I’d give you a taste of some more highlights from the trip! I’ll break this up into two posts: today I’ll focus mainly on places we visited and interesting spaces, and tomorrow you’ll get outfits and a few things I bought.

We saw so many gorgeous places all over Dublin, sometimes tucked away between doors or gates, or sometimes just the doorways themselves.



And colorful little spots wherever you went, even if it was just a door, a window or a mailbox!



The architecture was, of course, amazing as well.

post office and Dublin Castle


Including thousand-year-old cathedrals. The sense of history you get in Europe compared to the U.S. is amazing.




We even saw mummies in a crypt where you can get so close you can almost touch them. And actually, you were allowed to touch one of them that was 800 years old. (No, I’m not kidding. It’s that guy on the left.)


We saw plenty of lovely places we just thought we could move right into, including this one. Swoon!


There were wonderful things to see in museums all over the city, too. We visited most of them!

museum sights

And from the commuter train, we enjoyed the interesting and colorful buildings that overlook the River Liffey.


There were also so many yummy places to eat! We really dined in style. From my couple of other visits, I didn’t remember Dublin being a very foodie town, but it sure seems to have a bustling food scene now. We had excellent Moroccan, Mexican and Italian, to name a few. And there were of course fabulous pubs and tasty cafés, such as Queen of Tarts, which was adorable!

Queen of Tarts, Dublin

Being able to get tea anywhere without having to specify what you want or how you take it (if they have it at all) is a simple pleasure I relish when I’m in Ireland or the UK.


And let’s not forget our day trip to the little seaside village of Howth. Such a cute and quaint little town, and with amazing and fresh seafood!



howth boats

Goodness, there’s so much more we did and saw, I can’t possibly wrap it all up. But I hope this gives you a nice little feel for our time in Dublin. And if you missed it, check out our day trip to Newgrange and the Hill of Tara.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see more of what I wore on our trip, and a few things I purchased. 😉


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