Nail care mini series: Couture Gel Nail Polish kit review

Today is day five of my mini series on nail care. I’m in Dublin right now, but today you’ll get a very special review to cap off my series this week!

I have been using my Sephora Gelshine kit for about two years, but I recently had the immense pleasure of being sent a new gel nail polish kit to review, courtesy of Couture Gel Nail Polish. New fun nail things to play with? Yes, please!

Couture is a woman-owned business (run by a mother and daughter), and was the first brand to make gel polish for use at home, so kudos to them for starting a trend I’ve readily embraced. They also make a point not to use harmful chemicals in the process of making their polishes, and don’t use materials that have been tested on animals. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to fight breast cancer. These are all factors that really make me appreciate their company!

Couture gel polish kit

Right off the bat, I liked the look of the kit: a nice shiny white LED lamp and a cute pink and zebra print bag popped out at me. (Bonus, the lamp can fit in the bag!) It comes with all of the items you’d need to get started: base and top coat, cleaner, remover wraps, cuticle pusher, sanding block, and a few other incidentals.

Couture gel polish extras

Couture bag

If you order the deluxe kit, you also get to pick any 3 polish colors, too. I requested Tiffany’s Secret (a shimmery aqua), Pretty Little Liars (a bright red-orange) and High Roller (a nice evergreen).

Couture gel polish colors - High Roller, Pretty Little Liars, Tiffany's Secret

I have to say, I am really impressed by Couture’s color range, and I think that’s one of their best selling points. Most of the gel polish brands I’ve found tend to be really lean in the blue and green department, but not Couture. They have a ton of great blue and green shades! Aquas, pastels, deep jewel tones and everything in-between, including shimmer and glitter polishes, too. Impressive, like I said. That’s why I picked a dark green and a shimmery aqua, but there are several other shades I have my eye on, too.

You never know when you try a new brand how the coverage of the polish will be, although I’ve yet to find a gel polish that went on like crap. (Same definitely can’t be said for normal nail polish, ha ha!) And this was the case with Couture, as well. I’ve had the chance to wear Pretty Little Liars and High Roller so far, and both were big winners in my book.

In fact, I wore Pretty Little Liars for 16 days before removing it! Granted, a couple of my nails experienced some lifting as they often do towards the end, but the polish went strong the whole time.

day 16 couture polish

From removing to curing each coat, I had no problem using the Couture kit or following their instructions (it even comes with a DVD!), and ease of use was definitely comparable to the process I’ve been following for 2+ years.

Couture gel polish, removing polish

But I think it would be quite easy for someone new to gel polish to follow their instructions, too!

Couture gel polish, curing and painting

Like I normally do, I used 3 coats of the nail color both times I used Couture colors, because I like my colors to be as opaque as possible.

Here’s what High Roller looks like with three coats. A gorgeous evergreen!

Couture Gel Nail Polish in High Roller

All-in-all, I was very impressed with the Couture Gel Nail Polish kit. With their depth of color choices (and discounts for the more colors you order!), I can see why this brand is popular. I’m already daydreaming about colors for summer!

Gel polish kit provided courtesy of Couture, but all opinions expressed in this review are my own.


Next time…

Tomorrow I’ll round-up all the posts in the series in one place. I hope you’ve enjoyed my nail care week!

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Golly, 10 Comments!

  • Thanks for all of your wonderful info Tasha! Love the green you’re wearing in your last photos, too. Good thing I just had a birthday – I can now justify buying myself a “little” present of gel nail supplies.

    Hope you have a lovely time on your trip! 🙂


  • Sorry to comment again so soon – I just spent a bit of time surfing gel nail polish & did decide to by the Couture brand polish (color & base/top coats) b/c they seem to be one of the only ones that does not test on animals.
    In some quick research, I was surprised at how many regular polish brands I’d been using were tested on animals. – sad business

    Glad to support someone who does not test on my furry friends. Thanks for the heads’ up on them otherwise I never would have known.


  • Oh, this looks great! I’ve been totally obsessed with your nail-posts all week and decided to start the gel-routine. I have exact the same problem, pealing nails breaking in the sides.. And of course, having horses doesn’t help the matter any. But maybe with gel I’ll be able to have nice nails instead of hiding my hands.. To bad this brand didn’t ship to sweden, I liked that they had a no animal cruelty policy..

    Thanks for a fantastic blogpost-series! Really inspiring! Hope you guys have a great time here in Europe, always wanted to visit Ireland myself. I hope you try a nice cold Guiness in a dark old classic pub! The irish Guiness are supposed to be the best ever or so I’ve heard. 🙂

    / Olivia


  • Love this series. Very much appreciated, thank you! I can’t wait to order 🙂 such fun!


  • Oh! Most importantly, have a great vacation in Dublin!!


  • This post came at the precisely perfect time for me! And thanks for turning my head around on the evergreen polish – it’s stunning! Very excited to give this kit a whirl 🙂


  • Thank you so much for your detailed review! I have been looking into buying a kit so this was really helpful.


  • Oooooh that green is great! I’ve been looking for a nice one for ages, and they post to Australia too, awesome.


  • So here’s a silly question: Does the Couture kit work well with Gelish gel polish? This kit looks like it’s by far the best value, but I know I’m gonna want to play with some Gelish colors too.

    Thanks for this mini-series, I’ve really enjoyed it!


    • It should! I’ve been mixing and matching brands and while I haven’t tried that combo yet, I’m sure I will as I have lots of Gelish colors. 🙂


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