A wood watch and a lighthouse

Awhile back, I had the pleasure of being contacted by JORD watches to see if I’d like to review one of their watches. Wood watches, as a matter of fact. Pretty unique, right? I was definitely intrigued.

Honestly though, my first thought was that I’d politely decline, as I had recently bought myself an everyday watch. But then I realized I knew a special someone who would be able to give me an honest opinion and whose style would work nicely with a wood watch.

JORD wood watch

The folks at JORD agreed, and thus you get to see Mel’s first ever photo shoot on my blog!

JORD wood watch

The watch Mel selected is the Sully, in natural green. I’d say the colors on the site are very true to life.

JORD wood watch

And out in the sun, the tones of the wood are even more brilliant. You can really see it’s something special.

JORD wood watch

JORD wood watch

These photos were taken on our day trip to Howth, Ireland, with a lighthouse and and the Irish sea as a backdrop. Couldn’t be more picturesque!



Mel at Howth, Ireland

JORD wood watch

The JORD watches are hand-crafted and use sustainable woods from around the world. I love that they’re doing something a little different. Wood watches aren’t waterproof naturally (splash proof, yes), but otherwise it’s just like having a normal watch (or for that matter, a watch with a leather band), including being easy to get links removed at a jeweler.

JORD wood watch

Mel is sometimes rather hard on things, but the watch has held up beautifully for over a month, including on vacation. (I don’t know about you, but I know I’m personally a lot harder on things on vacation; maybe it’s because you don’t have your normal routine?) Sure, you don’t want to go banging a wood watch around, but it’s definitely durable.

JORD wood watch

JORD wood watch

The Sully watch from JORD is a gorgeous timepiece, and Mel has already received lots of compliments on it. They have a couple of smaller classic styles which appealed to me; I could easily see myself wearing the Fieldcrest or Ely with a casual fair isle cardigan. Although if your tastes lean in a different direction, they have contemporary and some almost downright Steampunk styles, too.

For Mel, the classic yet modern feel of Sully hit all the right notes. If you’re looking for something that’s just a bit different than your average watch, take a look at JORD. They ship all over the world… and now Mel’s Sully watch has traveled around the world, too. Well, at least to Ireland. 😉

Mel in Howth, Ireland

Mel’s outfit details

 watch – courtesy of JORD
Pendleton shirt – vintage
jeans – Gap
shoes – Converse
hat – vintage, via Mel’s dad

Disclosure: I generously received this product free to review on my blog, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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