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In my latest post with Craftsy, it’s all about the bust! The class Adjust the Bust with Kathleen Cheetham is literally an entire class focusing on making bust alterations when sewing. And at the end of this post, you can enter to win a copy of the class!

Adjust the Bust Craftsy classSource: Adjust the Bust, copyright © Craftsy

Full bust and small bust adjustments (FBAs and SBAs respectively) are keywords you see all over the sewing blogosphere. Quite frankly, it took me quite some time to grasp that if you’re larger than a B cup, you’re usually best served by selecting a pattern size by going by your high bust measurement, not your full bust. Yes, this isn’t going to work out 100% of the time… my best-fitting TNT blouse pattern is a vintage McCall pattern from 1942, and the pattern size is 1″ larger than my full bust measurement. But typically, I used to find myself swimming in bodices that were meant to be more fitted, because I was sewing the wrong size! Yet even once I came to that realization, I’ve still somehow been a little scared to try out a full bust adjustment. Silly, but true. I’ve had success with a couple of patterns that didn’t need one, but I know those tides will turn.

If this is an issue close to your own heart, then the Adjust the Bust class is worth checking out. There are lots of bust adjustment tutorials online, but sometimes that doesn’t quite fit what you’re specifically looking for. I know that’s stopped me in the past… “This is a great tutorial if the bodice pattern looks like X, but what if it looks a bit more like Y?” I know I have a tendency to be kind of literal when making alterations until I get the hang of things, so seeing several examples together can be helpful.

Adjust the Bust Craftsy classSource: Adjust the Bust, copyright © Craftsy

In the class, Kathleen seems to cover almost everything! Adjusting length and back waist measurements, adjusting bodices with no darts, bodices with side darts, and bodices with princess seams, adjusting armholes, blending sizes together… and all for both larger and smaller busts. So there’s something for almost everyone.

And if you’re like me, and it helps you to understand the bigger picture by seeing different kinds of examples and not just one, then you’ll really enjoy Kathleen’s approach in this class.

Adjust the Bust Craftsy classSource: Adjust the Bust, copyright © Craftsy

I had no idea it could be so engrossing watching a class devoted to such a specific topic, but it sure is for me. If you’ve been unsure where to start when making adjustments to the bust of your bodices, Adjust the Bust will arm you with a ton of information. I’ve been diving into this class and I’m working on my first full bust adjustment right now… wish me luck. 😉

Enter the giveaway!

One lucky winner will get a FREE copy of Adjust the Bust, thanks to Craftsy!

Here’s how to enter. It’s easy:

There’s one entry per person. The giveaway will close on Saturday, June 28th at 1pm Central Time. Craftsy will randomly draw a winning entry and contact the winner. So get your entry in. Good luck!

(This is a sponsored post with Craftsy, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.)

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  • thank you for posting this. I need this class so badly! I entered the contest, but I’m probably going to take the class regardless of whether I win or not. I am quite fond of my ladies but frustrated beyond compare by how difficult it is for me to find tops and patterns for tops that fit me!


  • I just did my first FBA for a pattern testing. What an experience. I also learned about the high bust measurement and am anxious to try it when sizing another pattern. Thinks for sharing.


  • This class sounds exactly what I need Tasha thanks! I’m definitely signing up for it if I don’t win the giveaway. I’ve only done one FBA – on my Georgia dress – it was on princess seams and was so easy. I’d like to master one on a darted bodice too. Great post! x


  • This is something I’ve been wanting to learn ever since I started sewing properly!


  • I’d love to win! I do a lot of bust adjusting already, but there are some things that don’t always work the way I want them to!


  • I would love to try this class! I just did my very first FBA using Christine Haynes’ online tutorial and am itching to try it on all kinds of bodices for dresses and tops until.


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