Uncommonly good anniversary mugs

Today is our third wedding anniversary! And with lucky timing, it actually ties in directly to a review I have to share, that I planned especially for today.

Awhile back, I had the pleasure of being contacted by Uncommon Goods. Uncommon Goods is a socially-responsible and environmentally-conscious company featuring handcrafted and unique gift items, most of which are made in the US, and many of which are handmade. They donate to non-profits (including their Better to Give program which donates $1 for every purchase), and they’re also a Certified B Corp. That means they have to meet several rigorous standards in terms of living wages for their employees, environmental impact, social responsibility and transparency in business. In short, it makes it a company that I’m happy to support.

So when they generously offered to send me an item to review, I was thrilled to say yes. It may not relate to vintage or knitting or sewing, the things I most often prattle on about here, but supporting companies that are focused on sustainability and supporting artists are two really important things.

It was fun looking through their personalized gift items here, and their anniversary gifts here, as I saw all sorts of lovely items including jewelry, art, home goods and gifts for couples. I don’t typically go for super couple-y things, but as our anniversary was coming up, my mind looked towards something Mel and I could both enjoy. So we sat down together, and picked theseβ€”a porcelain set of faux bois mugs, personalized with our wedding date.

Uncommon Goods mugs

My first thoughtβ€”whoa, these were gorgeous! Just what I was hoping they’d look like. Of course each is slightly unique since they’re hand crafted, and the quality is great.

I was initially worried the size would be a little too small, but they’re plenty large. Quite sizable, in fact!

Uncommon Goods mugs

So we gave them a trial run one weekend morning.

Uncommon Goods mugsp.s. still haven’t painted the kitchen!

Uncommon Goods mugs

Uncommon Goods mugs

Something I really respect is that for all of the items made by artists,Β Uncommon Goods doesn’t keep the artist secret. There’s no “these are especially made by a local artist” vague statements that make you wonder if it’s really true.

Not so here. You get the name and a detailed background of each artist.

Uncommon Goods mugs

Uncommon Goods mugs

In the case of our beautiful mugs, they were made by Ohio ceramics artist Gina DeSantis. It helps me feel a little more connected to the maker of my item, and I really appreciate that. And the mugs actually were shipped direct from the artist herself. I thought that was pretty cool touch, personally!

Uncommon Goods mugs

One of the things that Mel and I love is getting out into nature and taking walks in the woods, camping or hiking, and these mugs really remind me of that. Faux bois is an art technique that imitates the grain of wood, and I love that these mugs are a modern take on the age-old tradition of carving a heart in a tree.

I was initially quite tempted by the personalized tree trunk glassware which are adorable, but we stick with stemless for wine because of our cat, and prefer pint glasses to pilsner glasses for beer. But tea and coffee on weekend mornings is a favorite ritual, and we love having an assortment of different glassware and mugs. So faux bois mugs were perfect for us!

Uncommon Goods mugs

I love these mugs, and they’ll always put smiles on our faces since they commemorate our wedding in such a fun and quirky way.

Uncommon Goods mugs

If you’re looking for a unique gift, Uncommon Goods is a great place to start. Check out their personalized gifts, and their anniversary gifts here. They have lots of options perfect for yourself or a loved one, and great gifts for your favorite couple, too (even if that couple includes you!). They’re definitely going to stay on my radar when I’m looking for special gifts.

And supporting a socially and environmentally conscious company? That feels pretty great!

Thanks, Uncommon Goods!

Disclosure: I generously received these products free to review on my blog, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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