Sewing lingerie freebie with Christine Haynes and Craftsy

Hi everyone! Well, I’m winding up my posts with Craftsy this summer and just have a couple left after this one. But today, it’s a little something special!

I always knew Craftsy offered video classes, but I had never really investigated that they have other downloadables, too. And one of their FREE downloads is a PDF called Success with Sewing Lingerie (Three Tutorials to Make You Say Ooh La La!). It’s written by none other than Christine Haynes, the designer of my beloved Emery dress pattern.

Success with Sewing LingerieSource: Copyright © Craftsy

Essentially, the downloadable is put together like a well-documented online tutorial, which is an added plus for those of you who prefer photo tutorials to videos.

And technically, it’s three tutorials in one! All of which have a great retro feel.

Success with Sewing LingerieSource: Copyright © Craftsy

Christine covers how to sew two patterns:

Both patterns need to be purchased separately as digital PDFs. (And it’s worth checking out Ohhh Lulu’s pattern shop on Craftsy too, as there are several other really adorable vintage-inspired lingerie pieces.)

In the PDF, Christine also covers how to draft and sew a basic half slip, too!

Success with Sewing LingerieSource: Copyright © Craftsy

I feel like lingerie has had more visibility (har har) in the sewing world lately. Tasia has been sharing the beautiful lingerie she’s been sewing this year (check out her latest lingerie set, as well as her tips on metal hardware to swap out the plastic rings and sliders in some kits). And Gertie has been doing a few sew-along posts for her slip pattern.

But I must admit: I’m still on the fence about sewing lingerie. Well, not about sewing a slip—this has been on my To Do list for years at this point, with only laziness and more pressing desire to sew other things getting in my way. But underwear and bras? I’m not quite sure. However, after seeing Christine sew up the Bambi Soft Bra pattern, I’m intrigued. Unlike the modern style and shape of bras I’ve seen several people sew, this bra has the shape I’ve come to look for in vintage-inspired bras for years, which I detailed several years ago in my post on achieving a 40s bust silhouette. I personally know the horizontal seam across the cups is the absolute key for me to get the right uplifted-but-not-too-pointy look that I prefer. So perhaps a Bambi bra is in my future after all!

Have you tried sewing lingerie? It’s FREE to download the Success with Sewing Lingerie, so if you’ve been on the fence like me, check it out and see if it Christine might change your mind!

(This is a sponsored post with Craftsy, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.)

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  • Thank you for the head’s up! I made a full slip[p from a 70’s pattern, and it was quite simple and easy. Gertie’s slip pattern is in my stack of things to try. I’m certain this will be very help full with that.


  • Long time reader, first time commenter, I do just adore your blog! Thanks so much for this great reference! Downloaded immediately. I’ve been wanting to make some panties since I found out how little fabric it takes and have so many little bitty bits that I’m too in love with to discard (and no one I know quilts!),


  • i MUST know where that first image (the watercolory portrait?) is from! its is so lovely!!


  • I’ve really gotten into wearing bralettes lately and have lamented over the prices and whether or not to try making my own. I may not want to tackle underwires and whatnot but a bralette??? I feel like that is within sewing ability!! I may have to try that pattern and class.
    And I agree with Cadi, half the reason I want to start sewing more lingerie is to use up all my scrap fabric!


  • I had making lingerie on my to do list for a long time and this year I pushed myself to make some knickers. It was so satisfying that I’m kicking myself for not having started sooner. I loved it so much I released an entire range of patterns to encourage everyone to give it a go. Trust me you will love it!


  • You know, I remember when Christine originally posted about this, but I forgot immediately after haha. Thanks for reminding me, I just downloaded it 🙂 I want to make that bra, it looks so comfy and perfect for hot sumer months when I don’t want to wear a bra with wires!


  • Thanks for sharing the link! I’ve wanted to make a half-slip now for a while and it looks like a good tutorial. I actually just started getting into making lingerie myself! I finished my first bra a few days ago (though haven’t blogged about it yet), and I’m quite pleased with it! I used the Pin-Up Girls Classic Bra pattern, which definitely has more of a vintage shape (though not extreme). I’ve also made a couple pairs of underwear out of scraps of jersey, which I love!


  • Thanks so much for the link! I’ve never tried sewing lingerie but have always wanted to have a go. I can’t wait to try it! XxxX


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