Thanksgiving weekend and holiday cards

Hello friends! I meant to do this post a couple of weeks ago, but here we are, closer to Christmas than Thanksgiving. And so it goes this over the holidays, sometimes! 😉

I just wanted to share a few photos from our long weekend over Thanksgiving. As it happens, we unfortunately ended up taking pictures in several places where the lighting was less than ideal, so I apologize in advance, but hey, at we we have a little something. I sometimes get requests to do more outfits photos along with Mel, who is a very snappy dresser, so for those of you who’ve asked lately, this one’s for you!


On Thanksgiving there was much more snow on the ground out by my sister-in-law’s than in the city as you can see, which looks beautiful out where she lives. I pulled out one of my favorites, a dark blue 1950s swing coat. And Mel sported a vintage Brooks Brothers duffle coat. We’re not sure when it’s from, but Mel’s aunt astutely found this at a garage sale and the fit is spot on! It has a hood and everything. I’m a huge fan of coats with hoods, and one of my longer-term winter sewing projects is going to be to sew a vintage swing coat pattern that has a hood. (Yeeeees!)

vintage Burberry coat

The lighting changed right between Mel’s photos and my own, so the photo below isn’t great, but I do love the snowy backdrop of the woods! I’m wearing my denim cigarette pants with one of my favorite, highly sequined vintage cardigans, plus a pair of soft gold Remix wedgies. I can’t find the exact style on their site, I think Mel bought them for me as a birthday present at Viva Las Vegas a few years ago.


And it even snowed throughout the day. It was pretty magical!


It’s almost better in black and white, but the sequined yoke on this sweater is outrageous. And I know you still haven’t gotten to see any great photos of these cigarette pants but let me tell you: I’ve been practically living in them! I’m going to try to sew up a pinwale black corduroy pair before we leave for Christmas.


I made these earrings a few years ago from vintage cabochons.


They have little gold splatters on a cream ceramic background, which couldn’t make them look more mid-century. I also made pale blue and pink pairs. They’d accidentally been tucked away in a jewelry box where I hadn’t thought much about them in awhile, so I’m glad to pull them out again!

cabochon earrings

Mel wore a vintage plaid wool tie and button up fair isle vest with a vintage alpaca and mohair cardigan.



And then there were those shoes. They got a lot of attention on Instagram when I posted them, and rightfully so! A pair of amazing spectator shoes from the 1930s that once belonged to an *ahem* businessman on the southside of Chicago who was apparently known for being a rather flashy dresser… I’m not really sure elaboration is necessary on any of those points. 😉

1930s spectator shoes

Thanksgiving was lovely, and the next day we decorated for Christmas and hosted drinks with friends of ours who’d recently gotten married. (We’re terrible and have no photos from the wedding, but I did actually wear the same 1950s lace overlay dress I wore to my cousin’s wedding in Santa Fe in January. Because really, that dress needed to see another party for sure, and there were totally separate guests!)

Just before our friends arrived, we took photos for our Christmas card. I wore one of my favorite vintage holiday pullovers!


And then we apparently stood around making goofy faces.


You can see a bit of Mel’s gorgeous hand-painted tie poking out from a vintage red cardigan.



I’m pretty sure my mother-in-law had no idea on Thanksgiving when she gave me sheet music to my favorite Christmas movie ever, that it would be making it into our Christmas card the very next day!



I believe this was the final photo that made it onto the card (included with some other ones of our travels this year):


But of course there were some cute outtakes, too. This one was my favorite!


We wrapped up the long holiday weekend by going to the Art Institute. We’d recently re-joined as members after a long absence, so we enjoyed hot chocolate in the members’ lounge and had a ball not feeling like we had to catch everything in one visit. I was particularly delighted to see the holiday Thorne Room. I had no idea that they decked out several of the miniature rooms for the holidays. What a treat! No photos inside, but I’ll leave you with a shot of one of the famous Art Institute lions, who get adorned with wreaths every year for the holidays.

It certainly put us in a festive mood! I can’t believe it’s so close to Christmas now… I better get crackin’!

Art Institute lion

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Golly, 25 Comments!

  • Those are amazing outfits. I’m glad you had a great day with the family. And Mel looks fabulous!


  • You both look great! I love Mel’s fair isle vest.


  • So festive! You two are adorable!


  • I love your festive attire! I wish my partner were more into festive clothes, but he’s definitely a blue/black/grey kind of person. White Christmas is my absolute favorite, too, and I’ve long said that if I were to get married, I’d love to wear a replica of Rosemary Clooney’s Carousel Club black dress instead of a traditional gown.


  • I love the Fair Isle vest, too! Just itching to knit one for my hubby, but he’s not so sure. I bet he’d wear it if I made it, right?? 🙂


  • Ducky! You’re the Bee’s knees. The cat’s meow.


  • I LOVE these photos! The pair of you look look like you were plucked out of the past ! And, each of your sense of style works perfectly to flatter the other’s. You holiday card photo is really too much for me to handle! I hope you have a copy of it to frame somewhere!


  • OMG, Mels shooooooes!! They are so awesome! You are both very snappy dressers 🙂 Love the Christmas card and the outtake!


  • Wow, I LOVE your moose sweater!!! I really need to find a good vintage or vintage-appropriate holiday sweater. You’re rocking this one!


  • There’s nothing better than a playful photo shoot with subjects who genuinely enjoy themselves! All the holiday joy!


  • OMG you guys are so adorable I can’t even handle it. and OMG 1930s PIMP SHOES!!!!!! and OMG sequins (sequined?) sweater! and OMG White Christmas! …OMG! I pretty much love everything about this blog post.


  • You both look wonderful and I loved Mel’s shoes. Thanks for sharing your fun day with us!


  • Yay! Another photo shoot with Mel! Those shoes! OMG! And I have a vintage coat very similar to yours’ You both look amazing and make such a cute couple, I wish I could get the hubby to dress ore like Mel. Maybe you all could come to Kansas for a makeover?!


  • I LOVE Mel’s shoes! They are so snazzy! And your card photo is so adorable! The outtake of it could have worked as well.


  • This post is precious! I love every single photo…I honestly had a smile plastered on my face the whole time I read this post. Happy Holidaze 🙂


  • You are such a cute and stylish couple!


  • You two are the picture of holiday season sweetness, style and fun! Lovely outfits and photos one and all. Sometimes, you know, I rather like it when the weather, lighting, setting, etc isn’t “Hollywood” (if you will) perfect for photos. It makes them feel especially relatable and down to earth.

    I hope you two continue to have a joyful holiday season!

    ♥ Jessica


  • Lovely couple and both snazzy dressers. All the Best for the holidays and here’s to a wonderful 2015.


  • Happy Thanksgiving to you two!

    I love the simply chic-ness of your outfit! And Mel’s shoes are to die for!



  • It looks like you guys had a seriously styling Thanksgiving! It’s no surprise Mel’s shoes got so much attention on IG, they’re pretty fantastic. I love that black and white photo of you as well – you look beautiful, and it really captures the details of that gorgeous sweater.


  • Tasha + Mel = best dressed couple ever


  • Mel certainly is a snappy dresser! I bought my husband a Fair Isle tank top for Christmas last year which reminds me of Mel’s, I REALLY like the buttons on hers though. Love the White Christmas photo! x


  • Awwwww! What a sweet set of pictures! You probably get this all the time, but you and Mel are frickin’ adorable.


  • Tasha, I just love these photos of you and Mel! So cute!! 🙂 I didn’t realize that Mel was such a snappy dresser, but after seeing that fabulous coat and those shoes (!), I’m convinced. Happy holidays to you both!


  • Just had to say I’ve been watching your blog for over a year now and it is absolutely one of my favorites! You put everything together so perfectly in my eyes and it gives me real inspiration! I could go on and on, but what I really want to say is, “the world is better because of people who exist out of the box like you.” Thank you!


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