A redhead again and LOVING it!

Well my friends, my mom was right. (As moms usually are!)

Once you’re a redhead, and you then stop being a redhead, you’ll probably never stop actually thinking about being a redhead again someday.

And so someday is today!

Back in red and LOVING it!

Ahhhhhh. That feels SO good!!!

I had my hair dyed red by my stylist a little over a year ago. And I absolutely adored it, for 4 or 5 months. But for a variety of reasons I went back to black hair very early on this year. I’m totally not even going to re-read that post to see what those reasons were, as they’ve of course all melted away now, as it happens when you have your heart set on something!

Although I do recall remarking about how black hair did make my eyes look more blue, but oh hey guess what? They’re still blue with red hair, too. 😉

Back in red and LOVING it!

So I crawled back to my stylist to have her make me a redhead again, hoping she wouldn’t want to poke my eyes out, but she did not. I’m not sure what drew me back to it, but I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of months. I’m sure it’s one of the reasons I’ve been really obsessed with the color orange this year… it must have been subliminally telling me to get red hair again!

And my stylist did a fantastic job on my hair! I was worried my hair would run away screaming, but honestly it was way shorter of a process this time than the first, since she wasn’t having to fight through so many layers of darker dye. So all told I think this time it only took about 2 1/2 hours instead of the 4 or 5 it was the first time around. And my hair is every bit as healthy as it was going in. I didn’t even need a trim.

When she was done, she remarked about how she thought she liked this red on me even better than the last time around, and I think she’s right! I didn’t ask what she did different this time if anything (I do know she uses Schwarzkopf but not sure the shade(s) for anyone curious), but I’d have to say I agree. I feel even more in love with the color this time than I did the first time.


I got it done Sunday and I don’t wash my hair for at least 48 hours after getting it colored red, so this was just a dry roller set that I lightly spritzed with water after putting the rollers in, and brushed out very gingerly (no pun intended, heh).

I’m so excited I started being really goofy in the photos. No idea what the hell I was doing other than being happy redhead hair drunk! 😉



So there you have it. I’m a redhead again. I don’t regret going back even one little bit!!! 😀

Back in red and LOVING it!

outfit details

top: Oblong Box Shop
jeans: Lady K Loves classics
shoes: Fiebiger
earrings: made by me

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Golly, 23 Comments!

  • You look absolutely fabulous as a red head! 😀


  • LOVE that color!! I have been coveting that gorgeous orangey-red shade for a while, but since I dye my hair black, I’m worried that it might be a pain to achieve that look. Was it an arduous process?


    • Thanks! You can check back to see my original going-redhead post, as at the time I too had dye black hair. My natural color is a medium-dark brown. It was a lengthy process to get there (4 or 5 hours at the salon if I recall). First to bleach out the dark dye and my natural brown, which was the longest part of the process (although it doesn’t have to lighten all the way to blonde of course, since dark hair passes through orange on the way, which is what you want), then to add the red. But then maintenance after was much easier, just a normal dye job and touching up my roots each time, more-or-less!


  • “Well my friends, my mom was right.”

    Excuse me while I pick my jaw right up off the floor …


  • You look terrific! That is sooooo true! Oh my word! I always wanted red hair growing up, so when I dyed it for the first time (thanks, Herbal Essences Dye!) when I was 16, I went really, really red. Though I played around with a range of other colours, including jet black, in my younger years, I always went back to some version of red or auburn. It just feels the most like me. That isn’t to say I won’t stray again, but I suspect, I’ll always (at least before I hit my golden years) return to red. It’s where my hair colour heart lays.

    ♥ Jessica


    • Thanks, Jessica! I know you favor red shades for yourself, too. I can’t really say that I feel red is more “me” like you do. I had many boxed brownish reds in college, and then some forays into stoplight red streaks (and once all-over), but the last year+ (on and off obviously) has been my main adventure in red. Perhaps if I stick with it longer this time, I’ll think of it more as “my” color! But the really nice thing is that after I went back to dark I would always feel a twinge of envy seeing beautiful red hair… now I don’t have to have that feeling. 😉


  • Carolyn (MissRo) August 18, 2015 at 5:27pm

    ha! That’s all I have to say: ha!! (Looks so good though – I love that shade of red. )


  • I think red hair looks great on you! It will look great with fall clothes and will be bright and uplifting for the winter.


  • Tasha,
    It’s a wonderful color.. darn it, I had that color few years ago.. now I miss it. 🙂



  • One you go red… You can… Never Forget?

    I don’t know, rhyming is hard but I love the red on you!


  • Obviously you’re gorgeous no matter what colour hair, but that red is particularly sassy! I’d love to go red, but both my hairdresser and the hubby have advised against it. One due to not wanting to colour on permed hair, the other pointing out my affinity for red clothing and the potential…erm…clashing effects!


  • Not a post about ur fab makes but one asking about ur hair??? How do u style it so well?? ?


  • You look lovely! I just stumbled across your blog via Pinterest, and I actually thought that you were a natural redhead. I’m hoping to go red soon. It looks great on you!


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