A vintage cotton finally becomes a skirt

If you blog, and you blog about things you make, do you ever make something that has no interesting back story, wasn’t that complicated, and you basically just want to share because it’s pretty and you like it? Yep, that’s today.


This is just a simple gathered skirt I sewed, I don’t even use a pattern for these. Just go selvage to selvage for the width of the front and back, insert a lapped zipper, and add a waistband. Nothing fancy!

Early in the summer I was really feeling skirts, although I go in phases in my wardrobe so now I’m on a pants and jeans kick. I hop back and forth between types of sewing projects but sometimes I get (and enjoy) tunnel vision where I want to sew several of the same type of thing. This skirt fell in a skirt kick when I was bored with a lot of the skirts I had.


This fabric has been in my stash for a good several years, and was vintage yardage probably from the 1950s. The print is glorious and bright, but I didn’t have a lot of it. Only 2 yards and at 36″ wide like older yardage, I had to be really choosy about projects. So a gathered skirt that’s basically just two rectangles was a perfect way to maximize the use of the fabric! I used about 1.75 yards, going for a bit more length than normal since longer skirts are great for windy days (which we had a lot of when I was making this). I closed the waistband with a vintage button, on top of a lapped zipper, and topstitched all around the waistband.


I wouldn’t necessarily go for such a dark color palette in a summer outfit, but I think the red hair and the brightly colored accessories make it work. Also this is a different cropped black peasant blouse than the one I sewed and mentioned in my last blog post, by the way. Clearly, it’s the type of item I like in my summer wardrobe!



And honestly, there truly isn’t much more to say about this simple skirt! I’m really happy I finally sewed up a favorite fabric in my stash, and I’ve already worn this a few times this summer.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Pia and I. Nearly ever time I stand in front of the clematis for photos, she has to come and photobomb, so sometimes I sit down with her. 🙂 Silly girl!


outfit details

skirt – made by me
top – Oblong Box Shop
shoes – Miss L Fire
Bakelite earrings and bangles – misc.
lucite floral bangle – local antique shop
necklace – Dolly Cool

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Golly, 12 Comments!

  • In fabric love!!! That is a print I would wear over and over again. Pinned you to my Color Two Snaps Up board.


  • I love when Pia makes a guest appearance!


  • I am so stealing this idea. I have some really adorable cotton fabric that I can’t decide what to do with. At first, a bag, but I have three yards! So, a skirt, but how? I’m going with pleats, but side button, check, cute short top, check, length? check and check again. Thank you for the gorgeous look at your make and the lovely details I am going to just blatantly steal for my new skirt. I should not admit that I’m going to do that, but I just like to give credit and I do draft my own patterns, from ideas I see on the net. I also love the lapped zip. Normally they scare me, one cm off and it looks horrible, but I’m getting more confident about my finishing.

    In all, this skirt is super cute and a great length for those windy days of late summer, when you want to be cool, but not Marilyn Monroe and showing undies. Not that I wander around in dresses that show them anyway, but you know what I mean.


  • Pia is too cute!!! I like the skirt a lot, the fabric choice is lovely. I don’t blog, but I plan to, and maybe I’ll lots of these projects that have no back story but just too cute NOT to mention!


  • I love that necklace! And Pia is so adorable. 🙂


  • Fantastically great outfit, as per normal! (And yard, and dog, etc…)

    p.s. Thanks for turning me on to the existence of “The Oblong Box Shop” (love the name.) I am planning on getting the utterly fabulous “Burgundy Mandarin Dragon Top”. Then, I too, will be a little fabulous.


  • that the fabric is vintage is back story enough, I’d say! 🙂
    I’ve been following your blog for a year or so now and you always impress me – I can’t really sew! Even something like this that you think is really easy would probably be to hard for me. I’m thinking a skirt would be a pretty easy first project – could you point me in the direction of a decent pattern? I woiuld be ever so grateful! 😀


  • Darling! I love the shapes of the followers and the dimension it offers!



  • No interesting back story, not complicated describes about 98% of the stuff I sew, which is probably why I’m not one of the popular bloggers. Also, getting tunnel vision and sewing several of the same thing – I’ve been stuck on scoop back dresses this summer and it’s partly your fault. 😉

    Anyway, I love the skirt. I love bright prints on dark backgrounds and the prettier the print the more I’m inclined to do something simple with it.


  • You don’t always have to have a story- sometimes the story is as simple as “I like it” 🙂 This is such a nice skirt- I have made 5 of this style of skirt (only I pleated mine) this summer myself as well. It’s so easy, and adds another item into the rotation. I’m sure you will get a lot of wear out of this!
    The Artyologist


  • I absolutely adore this skirt, I so wish I had your skills! It’s a beautiful pattern and is perfect for the summer. I hope you get lots of wear out of this beautiful skirt! XxxX


  • Woo, this is a great idea and i love this skirt for summers.This is too cute and this colour look adorable on you.


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