Get your knitting needles ready for my next pattern (perfect for a holiday gift!)

Hi everyone! I’m just about ready to release my latest knitting pattern, a fun new hat. Can you guess what it is?

tartan peek

If you guessed a plaid beret, you’re correct!

Knitting plaid is no small feat, usually involving intarsia knit flat and/or sewing or crocheting vertical lines in the finished work after completing. However, my new pattern has the spirit of plaid without all the hard work. It’s knit in the round, with two colors per round. That’s all it takes!

It’s a stranded beret, alternating colors of sport weight yarn. The colorwork is of course charted, and it’ll be easy to fall into a rhythm with it because it’s a very repetitive design.

All of this means it would be a great quick-ish holiday knit, if you’re a knitter who is looking for ideas for gift knitting, or want a little cold-weather knitting project all for yourself. I’m working on one for me right now!

Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes

Intrigued? Want to ready yourself ahead of time so you can knit up this pattern as soon as I release it? (It’s plaid! It’s fun and kinda quick! You know you want to knit one!)

  • You’ll need 4 colors of sport weight yarn, in 50 grams or less. The pattern gauge is 7 stitches per inch and 7.5 rows per inch, using US 2.5 (3.00mm) needles for the body of the hat, and US 2 (2.75mm) needles for the ribbed band. (The pattern uses Quince & Co. Chickadee.)
  • Two yarns should be a lighter and darker shade of the same color (such as dark green and light green, or dark charcoal and light charcoal gray), and the other two yarns should be contrasting colors. A bright color and a lighter color work well (such as red and white).
  • Select a yarn that has at least a bit of wooliness to it. Cotton, acrylic and smooth superwash yarns are not a good match for this particular pattern. If wearing wooly yarns against your skin is an issue, the darkest color is the band color (such as dark green in my example), so pick a yarn for the band that is smoother on your skin, and then match it with a woolier yarn for the colorwork.
  • There’s an optional pom pom on top, too. If you want a pom pom, make sure you have a small pom pom maker (like these) or follow a tutorial on how to make one without a maker (there’s a million; here’s one).

That’s it! I’ll see you back here next week when I release the pattern. 😉 Have a nice weekend!Save


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