Fun sunglasses for summer

It’s kind of a rare occurrence that I say yes to a blog collaboration, and it’s been quite some time since I did one that’s not craft-related, too. But recently, GlassesUSA contacted me to see if I wanted to review a pair of their glasses.

Here’s the deal: I mostly wear vintage frames, with an exception for my Keiko frames from BonLook that I adore and actually wear as my primary pair much of the time now (first non-vintage pair I’ve worn that regularly in over a decade). But (prescription) sunglasses? That’s another story. I’m willing to dabble style-wise a lot more. Once I poked around to see if GlassesUSA offered enough frames that had a retro appeal (hint: they do!) I asked if I could review a pair of sunnies. They said yes, and here we are!

I should first say that in general, I freakin’ love that you can get eyeglasses online now. They are just stupidly expensive in person… as in, completely unaffordable in many cases, especially if you need high index lenses for strong prescriptions (like me), or progressives. It’s been interesting to watch the change over the years to being able to purchase them online. My dad was actually the first person I knew who started buying glasses online!

It took a couple of tries to get a pair right, but GlassesUSA has great customer service and if you get a pair and don’t like them, you can return them and try again. And shipping and returns are free! The first pair I tried just didn’t feel right for my face and my style. The pair I chose in the end (the style is Muse 0726) is a bit bigger looking than I envisioned, but they’re still really cute!

And anyway, having large dark sunglasses is a bonus in summer! I really appreciate how dark the lenses are, quite a bit darker than most of my sunglasses. And the lens quality is excellent. Every bit as good as something you’d get at an optical shop.

It’s funny because turquoise is one of my favorite colors and I’ve always wanted it on glasses. This pair has turquoise and mint along with the black, but because I’m so matchy oriented, I suspect I’ll only be able to wear them with outfits that feature similar colors! Here I paired them with a vintage patio dress and matching hair scarf. And shoes. And a vintage turquoise ring. Frankly I’m happy to do a turquoise overload, any day of the week! But this style of sunglasses also comes in all black and brown/burgundy.

The frames themselves are a really nice quality too, nice and sturdy, not flimsy or cheap at all. (And they came with a hard-sided, velvet-lined case and cleaning cloth which was a nice touch!)

Overall I’d give the whole process with GlassesUSA and the sunglasses themselves two thumbs up. If you haven’t tried purchasing glasses online yet, I’d encourage you to give it a whirl. If you’re nervous, you can even upload a photo of yourself to their web site (privately) to get an idea of what the frames will look like. No, it’s not the same as trying them on in person, but it’s worth trying it for the savings and the volume of options alone!

I still get my vintage frames at a local optician who I love to support, but online is the way to go in many cases. And I was very pleased with my experience with GlassesUSA.

Good thing it’s been extra sunny lately so I can take these for a stroll! 😉

outfit details

sunglasses – c/o GlassesUSA
vintage patio dress – misc
vintage Matisse copper and enamel earrings – Spring Rain Vintage
vintage turquoise ring – stole from Mel 😉
silver stretch belt – Cinched Apparel
shoes – M. Gemi


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  • Such a good choice! Are those prescription sunglasses then? I guess not, if you can return them?


    • Thanks! And yes, they are! I used to wear contacts when I was younger and keep meaning to get them again sometime just so I can wear non-prescription sunglasses, but right now it’s rx all the way. You can return prescription frames. Pretty awesome!


  • Hmm. My lenses are both progressive *and* high-index, but because of the complicated prescription I have been leery of buying glasses online. A pity, because I can only afford one pair of glasses plus prescription sunglasses at present, and I’d love to be able to change it up a bit more. I’m intrigued.


  • Gorgeous sunnies! Matching is on point for this torquise patio set! Amazing!!


  • really cute I love the patio dress too


  • Oh my gosh, those are awesome. I’m lucky enough to live near a reasonably priced vintage eyewear store, but I’ll have to keep my eye on the online market too.


  • Thanks for this post! I’ve bought glasses from Zenni with good results (and I have progressive, high index lenses!), but I LOVE those turquoise sunnies.


  • OrahLee Hoose June 30, 2017 at 3:34pm

    Turquoise is my fav color too, and the DRESS!! My mother calls it a “squaw” dress, hers that I inherited is lavender with tons of silver braid and ric-rac too. I love it and wish I looked as cute as you. Keep sewing, you do a beautiful job.


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