Autumn Leaves in the snow

I am picky about my reds. Really picky. In fact, the main reason red doesn’t appear in my wardrobe more often is my pickiness. I like a bright, true red. Not maroon, not burgundy, not fuchsia, not garnet. Red. It’s hard to vintage in vintage clothes, it’s hard to find in fabric, and it can be hard to find in yarn, too.

Instagram stories is my new favorite thing, and it was through a quest to find a perfect “Tasha” red yarn with a few specifications and a resulting conversation, that the kind folks at Brooklyn Tweed sent me some of their Arbor yarn in Firebrush to try. I was over the moon to give it a whirl! I love their yarns but somehow, Arbor had slipped under my radar. But they thought I’d love it, and given my quest, that I would love the color of Firebrush.

And holy cow… they were right.

Arbor is a DK weight (probably my favorite yarn weight, it’s so versatile) spun from Targhee sheep. The sheep are from the U.S. and it’s spun in an historic mill in Maine. I love that. And I love the yarn, oooh do I love the yarn. It’s light and soft and springy and just a delight to knit with. Many of the shades are gorgeous neutrals in my book, so not ones I’d normally look to, and perhaps how I’d somehow missed it before now. But in the color palette are some beautiful reds, including MY red. I mean, obviously this is my red. Firebrush. The perfect, perfect red to me. If it’s so red you can barely photograph it, that’s a sure sign I’ll love it.

The whole reason I was on the hunt for the perfect red yarn like this was that I wanted a large, warm scarf to wrap around my head and neck in the winter. I’d been looking for DK or worsted weight yarn as I wanted it to be lace, but still warm, so something thinner wouldn’t have worked for my Chicago winter needs.

To go with Arbor, I picked the Autumn Leaves Stole pattern by Jared Flood. Instead of using worsted weight I used the DK weight Arbor, and took out a repeat to make it somewhere between scarf and stole width.

There’s not much to say about the pattern—it was an easy, relaxing knit. You knit each half to the center, then graft the two halves together so that the leaves face the same direction when hanging down on both sides. And while I don’t have any photos of it, I wet blocked it using lace blocking wires to get perfectly straight sides. After blocking it measured 12″ wide and 71″ long.

I’m very thankful Mel was willing to take these photos of me while it was snowing and really cold out. But a local park did make a nice backdrop for my scarf, even if we were only able to stand it for about 5 minutes!

Other than just loving red as reason enough for pining for a red lace scarf for ages, I also wanted it because I thought it would go nicely with the black vintage bouclé coat I’m working on slowly. Stay tuned in that regard.

Meanwhile, I’ll be busy dreaming up more projects for Arbor!

Yarn courtesy Brooklyn Tweed, without expectation of a review. But I really loved it and wanted to share. 🙂

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