Tasha is an everyday vintage gal. She’s thoroughly modern, she just likes old stuff. She’s not known for being succinct, so if you’re visiting By Gum, By Golly for the first time, you better grab your favorite drink and get comfy.

Calling her a vintage enthusiast is probably an understatement. Saying she’s obsessed with vintage is a little closer to the truth. She loves all sorts of vintage items from different eras, but her heart is with 1950s knitting and sewing patterns, and mid-century fashion, housewares and furniture.

Tasha’s first memories of thrifting for old treasures was tagging alongside her mother as a child. While her mom looked at clothes, she looked for original Nancy Drew hard cover books. And the love just grew from there. As a teen, she ‘borrowed’ vintage clothes from her mom’s closet and started to hunt for them herself. She credits her crafty mom and all the women in her family for giving her a love of crafting, and it’s been a lifelong obsession.

Nowadays she knits all her sweaters, she sews a large part of her vintage wardrobe and she loves to sport vintage hairstyles. She and her spouse, Mel, live in their 1955 brick ranch in Chicago that’s their own little retro paradise.

(And yes, she still has those vintage Nancy Drew books that started it all. Which inspired her favorite knitting project ever.)

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