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Our great 1950s kitchen renovation reveal

This post is 15 months overdue! Last winter, my dad came to stay with us for 3 months and renovated our kitchen. 15 months later, we still are in love with the results, and I’m finally here to tell you allll about it! Get your beverage of choice, you’re gonna… read more »

Inspiration finally, two years later

I’m back from vacation and I’m INSPIRED! Two years ago, we went through the looong process of transforming a large part of our basement into studio spaces for ourselves. Back then, I did a few posts on it—sharing the dirty ‘lil before photos, the planning and build-out phase, and creating… read more »

Creating my dream cutting table for sewing

Hello! I’m back from a relaxing vacation in the Southwest, where it was so relaxing, in fact, that we spent more time enjoying ourselves than bothering to take photos! But I may be able to cobble together a post from phone photos, so possibly stay tuned for that in the future.… read more »

Basement studio makeover: planning and “build-out”

I thought I’d continue my basement studio makeover posts (catch up with the first one here) with the planning and the “build-out” phase where we actually assembled and moved everything around, both of which took ages! Not necessarily the most glamorous topics, either. But I feel like many people just do “before… read more »

Basement studio makeover: dirty little “before” photos!

Hello, everyone! Boy, have I been busy these last several weeks! We’ve been knee deep in giving our basement studio spaces a BIG makeover. And suddenly the weather went from marginal spring (great to seclude yourself in the basement) to summer (oops, would rather be out doing fun things) in about 10… read more »

Tour of our retro kitschy kitchen!

Ready for our kitchen reveal?? Okay, “reveal” makes it sound like we did a big remodel. We didn’t. We really we just painted, hung up some new blinds and installed a new doorbell. But if you’ve seen my previous two kitchen posts (where we painted and the “before before” photos),… read more »

Kitchen painting, by way of attic insulation

It took 2 years and 8 months of living with a disgusting kitchen color to finally DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. You never saw proper photos of our kitchen before, because I was embarrassed over the paint color. I would literally apologize to new guests about it. Wait, you saw me… read more »

A “before before” look at our kitchen

We love our little house, built in 1955. I’ve really neglected posting about the Golly Ranch (as we lovingly call it sometimes) on my blog. I do get asked questions about it and I’m totally guilty of procrastinating about taking proper photos and sharing some of the things we’ve done.… read more »

So I accidentally bought a vintage sewing machine

A few weeks ago, we went over to our friends Ben and Elisa’s house. As it happened, their neighborhood was having a big yard sale earlier in the day that we couldn’t attend, but some people still were selling when we got to their house in the late afternoon. Now,… read more »

How does your garden grow?

First, thank you all so much for your wonderful (and sometimes hilarious!) comments on our bathroom renovation! It’s been great reading what everyone thinks about it. 🙂 Now let’s talk gardening for a little bit, shall we? I’m not a huge gardener. After living in a condo or apartments for… read more »

The Golly Ranch bathroom remodel: the big reveal!

I’m back for what you’ve really been waiting for on the remodeling front, to see the final bathroom. If you missed it, here is yesterday’s before and during renovation post. Sorry I split them up (I know that made some of you crazy!), but there was just too much to… read more »

The Golly Ranch bathroom remodel: before & during renovation

It’s time to talk about a major project that sucked up a lot of our time and energy this spring and early summer! As in, even this post and the upcoming reveal post sucked up a lot of time! Needless to say, I am excited to finally be sharing this… read more »

In which I confess my shoe love while working on a house project

True confessions, Karen style: I like shoes. A lot. Yesterday, I posted a photo on Instagram of my shoe collection. Which up until yesterday, had been (embarrassingly) mostly stacked on one another on the floor of my closet. So I finally bought a shoe organizer at Target and put it… read more »

The subject of my radio silence

My apologies! As you may or may not have noticed, I have been mostly absent from my own blog, reading blogs, Instagram, Twitter (not that I’m on Twitter that much)… you name it, I haven’t been there. This has been going on a couple of weeks now. But I promise… read more »

Window treatment follow-up: I found pinch pleat panels!

Lots of you chimed in with some good suggestions on my mid-century window treatment dilemma post. Thank you! By the weekend, we had pretty much decided on stationary pinch pleat panels off to the sides of the windows, with 2″ blinds set into each window. (A big thanks to Ginny… read more »

Help picking mid-century living room window treatments

Oh dear, can I tell you what visions have been floating around in my head lately as I try and drift off to sleep? Window treatments. I hope you have a cup of tea as this is a long one. If you care not about mid-century window treatments then I… read more »

Our retro FAIL living room

I have a confession. But first, I wanted to thank you all so much for your delightful comments on my Knit it in Flag colors pullover! I was really tickled. I think it’s going to be really great this autumn, and I think it needs a nice pair of wide-legged… read more »

Mid-century dining space for a cat

My dear readers, we’re finally getting to the point where we’re thinking about decorating projects in the house! I think we’re settled in enough now (it’ll be 4 months this week) that we can actually start to contemplate things like painting, curtains, and all the dozens of other little household… read more »

Starting to style our den

How it is that I thought once we moved, things would calm down and I’d have more time for blogging?! Well, we’re getting there, but not yet. I don’t even have a place to setup my ‘blogging computer’ (i.e. the computer that has Photoshop), so I had to temporarily set… read more »

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! While it’s not on my birthday this year, I was born on Easter Sunday, so it’s always been kind of a special day. This year, we had Mel’s parents over for lunch. Mel’s mom was kind enough to bring all the food since we’re still settling in, so… read more »