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Nail care mini series: my 6 steps for happy nails

Today is day four in my mini series of nail care. Really, this is probably the shortest post in the whole series, but with some important tips! I get asked a lot what do I do to keep my nails looking good. Both using gel polish, and just in general.… read more »

Nail care mini series: how I apply and remove gel polish

Today is day three of my mini series on nail care. And I’m going to show you how to use a gel polish kit at home! There are lots of places you can buy gel polish and kits to get you started (I’ve even seen gel polish at Target). When… read more »

Nail care mini series: why I love gel polish

Today is day two of my nail care mini series. Hoorah! I’m going to talk a little bit about why I love using gel nail polish. For the vintage gal who loves to look polished but don’t want to fuss with her nails several times a week, gel nail polish… read more »

Mini series intro: a week of nail love from a vintage gal

In the last couple of years, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my nails. I am not one to keep a beauty secret, especially since I spent most of my life with nails that were decidedly not enviable! Any chance I get, I tell people that I use gel… read more »

Make do and mend (literally)

Happy Friday! It’s a gorgeous one here, and I’m in a great mood because Spring is finally arriving in bits and pieces! Not to mention the fact that I discovered I’d completely forgotten I had the afternoon off work, so I excitedly sat down at my sewing machine to work… read more »

Retrolite love! A Classic Hardware jewelry review

I have an affinity for costume jewelry. And while my tastes can vary, I often tend to lean towards the plastics. The colorful, bold baubles of Bakelite, celluloid, and all manner of vintage and retro plastics in-between. Such fun! I had the immense pleasure of being sent a few such… read more »

National Park Seminary adventures with Rochelle

Well my friends, we’ve reached the last post in the adventures of Tasha and Rochelle! I know, bittersweet, isn’t it? When we last met I shared my outfit post, and yesterday Rochelle shared hers (she also shared a preview on Friday), and today wraps up our trip with photos from… read more »

So I got a little haircut…

Okay, perhaps the post title is a slight understatement. I got a big haircut. Lots of you on Instagram saw this photo yesterday, so here’s the blog reveal! Yesterday I paid a visit to my stylist Angelica, the owner of Tigerlilie Salon, a great vintage-themed salon in Chicago. I’ve essentially… read more »

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We are home for Christmas this year, and celebrated a wonderful Christmas Eve last night with friends. I thought to help spread a little good cheer, I’d share a few holiday photos from around the house. I hope you all enjoying a happy, healthy and… read more »

Join the By Gum, By Golly mailing list!

November is going to kick off some exciting things to come around By Gum, By Golly! You may recall I’ll soon be releasing my first knitting pattern (so excited!), and there’s something else up my sleeves. If you’re a fan of 1940s-inspired styles and knitting, well, I think you’ll have… read more »

Guest post: Chronically Vintage’s Jessica on the history of purple

Happy Friday! I’ve got a great guest post for you today. If you follow the lovely Jessica of Chronically Vintage, you know she is a passionate writer and vintage aficionado. Lately, I’ve been occasionally finding myself drawn to a color outside of my comfort zone: purple. I’ve had a little… read more »

A week with my first permanent wave

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram may know that last Friday, I got my first perm! Many of you who regularly set your hair for vintage hairstyles have read about getting a permanent wave, or have even gotten one yourself. I think the first time I… read more »

A week in the Northwoods

Hello everyone, we’re back from our adventures in northern Wisconsin! For the week, we rented a little vacation cottage in the woods far north in the state, about a 6 – 7 hour drive away. It was the perfect time, just after Labor Day when the masses were leaving and… read more »

By Gum, By Golly relaunch: now with Moxie!

I’m so excited to officially announce the new By Gum, By Golly redesign today! Thanks to Joelle of Moxie Design Studios, this blog now has an amazing new look and great functionality. I seriously couldn’t be more pleased. Tickled, flabbergasted… doesn’t even begin to cover it! Some astute readers noticed… read more »

By Gum, By Golly now on Facebook

Hello everyone! It’s been so much fun seeing all the excitement being generated for the Fall for Cotton sew-along. Remember to keep following along on Lucky Lucille, the Flickr group, and right here! Just a quick post today to let you know that By Gum, By Golly is finally on… read more »

And the winner is…

Thanks for all the entries on the Mrs. Depew digital pattern giveaway! Of course there can only be one winner, and has declared it… Long-time reader Brandy of A Series of (Unfortunate) Vintage Sewing Events is the winner. Congrats, Brandy!! Please contact me as I don’t see an email… read more »

Halter style inspirations for summer

It’s sure looking like summer out there! Fortunately here we’re not having the extreme heat wave some other areas are. (Don’t worry, we got it last summer—just remembering the days on end of 100+ temps makes me want to jump in a bucket of ice.) But we have entered the… read more »

New spectacles

No, it’s not vacation photos yet. Soon, I promise! Now you may recall sometime in May, I mentioned that I got new eyeglasses. A few astute readers noticed I was wearing them in my last post. And if you follow me on Instagram, they’re not new to you at all,… read more »

And the giveaway winner is…

Well goodness, with the volume of entries on the Popina retro swimsuit giveaway, my plan of putting all the names into our ice bucket was quite a bit more of a chore than I expected! But dear readers, I plowed on, cutting tiny little strips of paper and wondering all… read more »

Popina Swimwear retro swimsuit giveaway!

Hi everyone, do I have something fun for you today. I was contacted by the husband-and-wife team that runs Popina Swimwear, a small retro swimwear boutique in Portland. When I personally am out in nature I’m more likely to be found hiking on a trail or camping than playing in… read more »