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How does your garden grow?

First, thank you all so much for your wonderful (and sometimes hilarious!) comments on our bathroom renovation! It’s been great reading what everyone thinks about it. 🙂 Now let’s talk gardening for a little bit, shall we? I’m not a huge gardener. After living in a condo or apartments for… read more »

In which I confess my shoe love while working on a house project

True confessions, Karen style: I like shoes. A lot. Yesterday, I posted a photo on Instagram of my shoe collection. Which up until yesterday, had been (embarrassingly) mostly stacked on one another on the floor of my closet. So I finally bought a shoe organizer at Target and put it… read more »

Made and Making No. 4

Happy Friday! I know I never did post a Made and Making last Friday, but I was just too busy with my dad in town. So today’s rendition wraps up a couple of weeks. There’s a lot that went on in the Golly Ranch House that I’ll talk about soon… read more »

Made and Making No. 2

Happy Friday! Here’s the second installment of my new Made and Making series. Gosh there’s been a lot of sewing this week, which is very unfortunate for the knitting project I’m really supposed to be working on! {all images link to Flickr for full size} Clockwise from upper left 1.… read more »

Made and Making No.1

Some of my favorite posts in blogland are round-ups of goings on in people’s lives, especially when accompanied by photos. I’ve been meaning to start a weekly series for ages, so I can document all the little things in my own week. Finally I was able to plan it out!… read more »