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See my wedding post on Etsy!

Hi all, I have some exciting news to share! If you check out the home page of Etsy, guess what you’ll see today? Yep, that’s our wedding! I was asked to write a post for Etsy, for their Handmade Wedding series. Now how the heck did I have time for… read more »

Our wedding day

I finally had a chance to sit down and write up my Big Wedding Post! Before I get started, let me say that most of the photos in this post are from our photographer, Kimmy Noonen. The few non-watermarked photos were taken by my mom and step-dad. Kimmy was a… read more »

The honeymoon

Thanks everyone so much for all the kind comments on our wedding! I admit, I’m still catching up with life. I promise I’ll have wedding photos to show soon, but I’m waiting until we get our photos back and then I’ll share all of our stories as well. In the… read more »

We’re hitched

I’ll have more to share once I steal more photos from my mom, we get our photos back from our photographer, and I download the honeymoon photos. But for now: everything was great!