Recap of last weekend

OMG. I need a break from the knit-along math. I need to talk about something else for a change. 😀

Last Friday, I was talking with my lovely and talented friend Moe over at her blog, Stitch, about shoes, and the subject of cowboy boots came up. I realized that I hadn’t worn mine in ages, so I thought hey, what a good excuse to bring them out, since we were going out that night with friends after all. So I went for my best Dale Evans look.

(Notice I forgot a belt loop? Hee! Thank goodness I figured that out before we left home.)

I got those cowboy boots as a birthday present from my dad when I was in high school (I believe it may have been my 16th birthday). We went all around Chicago looking for the perfect pair, and finally got these. Simple, classic, black Noconas. They fit me like a glove. I have always loved them.

I had a great hair thing happen on Friday, too. I had what I’d consider almost the perfect hair set! There is always something that needs tweaking or pushing or prodding or something when I set my hair, especially these days as my hair is getting longer. I did a similar side-parted setting pattern that I’ve used in the past (with sponge rollers, but pillow rollers in my bangs, set to the side). But those times it was for a completely different updo:

That time shown above (around Christmas, obviously) I only partially brushed out the curls, pinning the back up into a roll and pinning the sides into place.

This time, I used more rollers to try and help speed up the drying time with the extra length, and my goal was to wear my hair down, not up or partially up (which is how I almost always wear it) so I wasn’t sure what to expect with the final result.

But I took out the rollers, I walked into the living room while I was brushing out my curls and by the time I walked back into the backroom, boom, it was perfect. I didn’t need so much as a bobby pin. I even had to steal a photo in the bathroom when we went out that night to try and document it. How silly is that? lol Hopefully I can repeat it.

The set lasted so well it even held up the next day perfectly. Though withstanding wind on the train platform…not so much.

Actually I took that photo to show my mom that I finally found a style of wearing my hair where I can fit a beret on the back of my head instead of having to cover my bangs with it. For some reason up until now it’s always wanted to fall right off. (So mom, I know you’re reading this, it works!)

That was on our way to our favorite antique malls Saturday morning. On the way, we discovered a very strange new thrift store. It seemed mostly like someone had thrown a bunch of junk into a storefront. And I mean a bunch. No prices or anything. It was even hard to walk around. There wasn’t much I was interested in, but I did get two buckle blanks for sewing, for $1 total. I’m not positive, but if this one isn’t celluloid it sure looks like it could be. I love it!

At one of the antique malls, we visited our favorite booth. The one I mentioned earlier, that’s the odd booth that has clothes and accessories that only seem to fit both Mel and I? Mel got a great casual cowboy hat and I picked up a vintage knitting bag (forgot to photograph that one) and two garments.

A black full skirt that has kind of a sheen to it, with embroidered flowers on it (hard to photograph black)…

I really have no clue what I’ll wear it with, but for the price I couldn’t resist.

I also got a lovely cheongsam kind of blouse…

And a close up detail of the awesome closures (the top one needs to be tacked down, so I got it for a great price)…

I think that one will be coming to Viva with me, if I can figure out what to wear it with. That’s the problem I always have with separates. Ugh. If the skirt was a pencil skirt I’d say they’d make a nice pair, but I didn’t like the two together.

And at the antique mall, Mel got me an awesome robin’s egg blue wicker purse for our anniversary, which is Sunday. I love wicker purses and this is one of my favorite colors. I saw it from across the antique mall and made a beeline for it. Before I even got it in my hands, Mel was offering to buy it for me. 🙂

Saturday night we went to our friends Ben and Elisa’s house for dinner, which was killer. Homemade jambalaya and key lime pie. Elisa really outdid herself!

Before we headed to their house, we took some photos. Awhile back I decided it would be fun to take one photo of us a week, in the same spot on the sofa. So this was about week four, I think. I’m wearing a wool tweed dress I recently got on Etsy.

Sunday I spent most of the day preparing to cut my fashion fabric for the Swing Dress Sew-Along. At this point I now have the bodice done and the front attached to the midriff. I’m definitely not in love with how this pattern is written, but I do think I’m learning a lot in the process, and Casey has been a great leader. I’m hoping it will all come together soon, I have so many projects bouncing around in my head that I want to get to! 🙂

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  • Love the finds- they are killer! I’ve been to a couple junk shops like that as well- they just throw everything in a storefront and you have to dig. It’s like they did a couple of house cleanouts and just emptied the truck on the floor. Good thing you found something worthwhile- the store is usually gone next time you go back!


  • I love that robin’s egg blue wicker purse. Nice job, Mel! And Happy Anniversary, you two? How many years has it been now?

    Your hair setting skills are kicking ass lately. My hair has been in lame-o mode for the last year since I stopped having time to set or curl it in the morning. I’ve just resorted to a kind of early-90’s riot grrl long bob with shortie bangs featuring “bed-head” and hoping people mistake them for curls. Pretty sure it’s not working…

    So are you guys going to Viva? I think Joey and I might be passing on it this year. I have mixed feelings about it.

    Oh, and thanks for the blog plug! Hello to any new peeps that come over!


  • New hairdo duly noted. Approved. Looks great!

    And I think the new boots really do work with the whole dress thing. Not to mention complete adorableness with the red plaid coat.

    I think you need to make yourself a simple blk pencil skirt – maybe like a peau de soie? Something with a bit of texture, not too thin, so it holds its shape?

    Not that you asked ;–)


  • @SusieQT That sounds pretty much like what I saw, complete with a temporary-looking sign!

    @Moe Ooh! You may have missed an email from me awhile back (I think I was using your old address). We are definitely going, all tickets set. I will email you about it. 🙂 Oh, and 9 years, can you believe it…!


  • I love the new purse!! I am a total purse nut and love seeing other blogger’s purse finds. Yours is such a lovely color!! Oh, and thanks for entering my giveaway!


  • Very jealous of the black skirt and blue bag they are both gorgeous.


  • you have such fabulous vintage style!! I just came back from a wedding where the band played old time country all night long; your outfit would have stolen the show!!!


  • There are sooo many thing in this post I want to comment on I don’t know where to start, so apologies for such a looooong comment!

    Love cowboy boots but I have never been able to carry them off, shame, cos you look great. Hair fab, buckle fab, skirt, top and bag FAB!

    You make a great couple, congrats on your anniversary, and I’m so jealous you’re off to VLV, it’s been 4 years since I went, it’s a pretty expensive deal to come from the UK


  • I am soooo with you on the Swing pattern.(!!) Your finds from your favourite stall are yummy. Definately a pencil skirt with the Mandarin top!


  • Happy anniversary! I love the wicker purse and the tweed dress. I’m going to go with the pencil skirt for the chinoiserie top, as well. Or front-pleat shangtung pedal pushers. Are the line-drawings in navy or black?


  • Thanks all! ♥

    @Straight Talking Mama! You know, unfortunately getting to VLV is even expensive from Chicago! Airfare is just outrageous there at that time of the year, I’m not sure why. So we’re staying on a few extra days and moving to the Flamingo to make it worth our while!

    @Lauren Hairston Black, so I think a black pencil skirt is the way to go. I have a plain ol’ cotton twill one, but I don’t think it would be the right fabric. I think you’re right, pedal pushers would be nice too. I’d feel more confident sewing a pencil skirt though. No pants yet. 😉


  • Your hair looks wonderful. I love the idea of the weekly picture. Please be sure to share them with us. Oh, how I wish I could knit as beautifully as you do!


  • Oh goodness that purse is what DREAMS are made of! Bravo on the lovely hair, and I adore the idea of the weekly photo of you two- that will be something to cherish when you are old and grey 🙂


  • Also, do I read you’re coming to VLV? Fantastic! We stayed at the Flamingo last year, it was so wonderful! We lucked out and scored an amazing deal at the new very swank Cosmopolitan, a room with a balcony and jacuzzi, 7 nights and our flight costs the same as only my flight last year…. the travel gods were smiling upon us this year!!


  • @Lenora Le NoireFirst, thank you! And second, yep we’re going to VLV (didn’t go last year, went the two years before that). We’ll be staying at the Orleans for the event but then moving to the Flamingo for a few days after to relax. I’ve been happy to hear from a couple of people that it sounds lovely. It sure does sound like you got a sweet deal!


  • Lovely outfits, all of them!
    That wicker bag is amazing, I have to say I envy that 😉

    Miss M


  • I love the skirt!!!


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