Treading water

Boy, have I sure felt like I’ve been treading water these last few days!

As I sat knitting last night while we watched episode one of the PBS series Jazz (oh how I love Ken Burns documentaries), I literally couldn’t remember what we did on Saturday. Fortunately I recovered quickly. So here are few photos from the weekend, literally the only ones we took.

I accompanied Mel to a haircut at our vintage-inspired salon (I say “our” in the loosest of terms, seeing as how I’ve been growing my hair for two years, though I’ll be ready for a trim soon). They do great pomps, vintage cuts and styles. I absolutely love their reception desk.

Then we had a very lackluster tour through a particular antique mall which had sadly gone downhill since the last time we visited a few years ago. I did see a cute Singer Lockstitch, however, though it was about 3 times the price or more than what I saw on eBay (not that I’m looking for one, but I looked it up out of curiosity).

Still cute, though. I definitely subscribe to the theory that most things shrunken down are cute!

I think forgetting what we did the day before about sums up how my last several days have been. I have been so, so, busy. If not always physically, then mentally. I have a lot going on right now, most of which is good, but it’s taking up a lot of my head space. In fact I temporarily put away my sewing machine. Don’t worry, that isn’t quite as dramatic as it sounds. I don’t have a devoted craft room or space, so sewing happens at the dining room table. If I know I’m not going to do it for several days, it’s only fair of me to put it away so we can enjoy our lovely dinette set all prim and proper like, pretending that it’s like that all of the time (when clearly it isn’t). So since last week my sewing led to nothing but frustration, I thought it best to take my focus off of it for a little awhile. When I feel so busy already I don’t want the frustration and disappointment from a craft I should be enjoying to weigh me down. What do you do when one of your crafts or hobbies frustrates you?

For me, it meant it was a good weekend for knitting. I got about 6″ knit on a project I’m working on at the same time as Briar Rose, a sleeveless u-neck cardigan. Though being sleeveless it’s not really a cardigan, it’s more of a blouse that buttons up the front. It’s from a vintage Vogue Knitting book and I’m knitting it in black, to go with some of my skirts. My plan is to have it finished for Viva Las Vegas. I don’t really know how I’m managing to knit one sweater in ivory and one in black at the same time. I think I may need a jolt of color after this!

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  • The past few days have been stressful around our house. We’re waiting to hear back about something very important and it’s driving us nuts! I really had to force myself to get my blog entries finished and do all the things I need to do around the house! So, you have my sympathy and empathy.

    I’ve definitely just abandoned knitting for several weeks at a time before. There’s one sweater I’ve made and frogged 3 times, which definitely didn’t make me feel like knitting anything for a while! Somehow, I eventually come back to it.


  • You look amazing,miss! I especially love the cardi.


  • Nice outfit, very similar to what I’m wearing now a days..waiting for spring 😉

    Hope you get some time to relax and clear your mind soon, I know exactly what you mean! 🙂

    Are you going to VLV? If you are, take a lot of pictures so I and the others who aren’t going can pretend we were there 😉


  • I sooo need to get back into my crocheting groove soon! Your hairdresser’s place looks SO awesome. Wish we had something like that around here! I’m so impressed by how much knitting you got done! Inspiring! Love your outfit, too!


  • I know exactly what you mean about being too busy and not having space in your head. I’ve had a lot going on lately and my blogging mojo has mostly gone but then I always say life is FAR more important than blogging!

    We can’t be super motivated all the time, that includes craft projects, if I get frustrated I just walk away from it for a while, you’ll soon feel like picking it up again!

    Maybe we’re all feeling a bit bleauuurgh cos we’re all waiting for Spring, it’s not hideous here in the South of England but in Scotland there is still snow, brrrr, I just want to wear sandals and have bare legs!!


  • That blouse is just adorable! And I feel you on the being mentaly busy part. How does one stop a racing mind?!


  • The last week has been a blur for me too. I have a dress in pieces that I cut out last weekend but never got around to sewing. I feel like I should post something new on my own blog but hell if I have the time or energy to come up with something. Boo.

    I love that blouse though. You look awfully smart!


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