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Hi everyone! Well I’ve been super excited reading everyone’s comments and stories on my post about bras and the 1940s bustline. Even if it’s frustrating, isn’t there some solidarity in knowing every one of us, no matter our shape or size, has some of the same concerns and issues?

Anyway, a few days ago I got the best package ever in the mail.

Since the beginning of the summer when I got my DSLR camera, I’ve been frustrated at what to do with the thing when I go out and about. Of course it fits into precisely none of my vintage handbags, and I don’t like carrying it on its own across my shoulder. I did find a vintage tooled leather shoulder bag that I can stuff it into, but it’s a very tight squeeze, not to mention that I’m frankly not always in the mood to carry a tooled leather shoulder bag when I want to take along my camera. I didn’t just want a vintage camera bag, as I wanted to use it as both a bag for my camera and as a purse.

Enter British satchels. I saw a style of bag I thought could be just perfect, carried by several stylish UK bloggers such as Penny Dreadful Vintage, Oranges and Apples and Land Girl 1980. I waffled for months because I knew the ones from The Leather Satchel Co and Cambridge Satchel Company (both companies whose bags I liked the looks of and whose names I saw all over the place online), were quite narrow. Definitely too narrow for a DSLR camera, even inserted in with the lens facing up, which was the way I was looking to place it into a bag.

Finally I emailed The Leather Satchel Co to ask about sizes, as I noted from their web site that they were able to do a series of customizations if you ordered directly from them. I received fast and excellent customer support and within a few email exchanges, I was ordering a British Racing Green 12.5″ satchel with a custom depth that would fit my camera.

In about a week I had the most wonderful package waiting for me. I am a sucker for good packaging, and this was excellent. A brown paper package tied with a twine bow, a little tag from the same leather as I chose hanging from the bow.

Let’s not forget the amazing little envelope. Really, how could you not be excited to open it?

And inside the parcel was my amazing hand-crafted satchel, 4″ deep.

And it fits my camera exactly, with enough room next to it for a wallet, sunglasses and the like. Last night I was even able to fit in a pair of gloves and a scarf. You can see in the below photo that I went with another small customization, which is hidden magnetic snaps under the buckles for easier access. I thought that would be handy. When it’s closed, you can’t even tell they’re there.

Before ordering I thought long and hard about the color.

I knew I’d probably love the bag and eventually want to get a second one, so I went with a color I thought would work well with most of my Fall/Winter coats (seriously, I opened up the closet doors and just stood there staring for a few minutes while I decided!). I figured later on I’d get a light tan or something more neutral for Spring/Summer. Of course, it was relatively warm yesterday evening when we went out, so I just wore it with my 40s wool pullover. I paired that with Heyday trousers, 40s heels, vintage souvenir bracelet from Canada and my same wool beret that I haven’t shown you photos of yet. (Yes, the colors are all over the place with the beret and satchel but I just considered it “eclectic”. Hee!)

I just love this bag!! It’s the perfect solution for carrying around more things than a vintage handbag can fit, but still has a classic and vintage appeal. And the fact that I could get a custom depth is genius. I’m really impressed by the quality of the bag and the overall experience I had with The Leather Satchel Co.

I expect to have a lovely Fall with this satchel by my side! 🙂

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