An autumnal outfit

One thing I have been downright terrible about this year is outfit posts. I really need to be better, in part because it gives me an excuse to wear something on days I don’t otherwise have a reason to force me out of casual jeans and a sweater. So here you go, a little outfit post, inspired by yesterday’s post.

This is one of my favorite skirts. In fact, it was in part re-discovering this skirt in my closet that sent me cooing over skirts, blouses and trim little cardigans. Actually this cardigan is my single entry in the ‘trim little cardigan’ department, believe it or not. But I’m working on that, here’s one of the ways…

I’ll be knitting up a cardigan with two strands of fingering weight in a yummy color for fall, which coincidentally matches my skirt. And back to that skirt. It’s the perfect fit, the perfect length and a fabulous print. Aztec? Or inspired by ancient Rome? Who knows. Boy did they do novelty prints right back in the day.

The skirt is pleated all along the waistband and I have a vintage sewing pattern exactly like it, which I sewed up into a novelty print skirt that I wore to Viva Las Vegas last year. I was disappointed with how that skirt looked in photos so much I’ve never worn it since, but now I think I can chalk it up to a bad bra and belt choice, believe it or not. Amazing how simple things can make such a difference! And now I totally want to sew up that skirt pattern again.

You can’t tell how craptastic my hair is looking lately. Grow or cut? I can’t seem to decide. So I’ve been wearing a casual ponytail a lot, but it’s now warm hat season here, and the two don’t mix. I’m tempted to cut it short enough that I don’t have to bother setting it when I don’t want to, but fear I’ll regret it.

Yes, it’s warm footwear season as well.

These booties were purchased last year when I was desperately trying to find non-ugly early winter boots. I think they’re pretty darling, though the warmth is mostly just for showβ€”the faux shearling is only on the outside. My feet get cold easily and sadly I know we’ll soon be sinking into the season where I’ll be wearing mostly fugly-but-toasty sheepy boots. Although inspiration just struck: I think I should knit some warm ankle socks to hide inside these!

Ah, the joys of a Midwest winter. At least I can look cute on top!

Outfit details: 50s skirt from Knee Deep Vintage, cardigan from Simple Thrift, acorn charm bracelet from eBay, blouse and belt from somewhere or other, me-made earrings from vintage cabochons, Sam Edelman boots


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