I’m featured in Knit Now magazine!

Don’t you love the feeling when you can finally share something you’ve been keeping under your hat for a good long while??

I was interviewed for Knit Now magazine, a British knitting magazine, and the issue went on sale today! I’m their featured blogger in this issue!

A full page spread and everything, would you look at that!

It’s issue 19, and I’m on page 62 (the page opposite is an article on British yarns). I don’t have my hands on a paper copy as I’m in the US (I need to get one!) but I can share a PDF version of the page. Click here to see the full page!

Hopefully my answers don’t sound too cheesy… argh, always hard judging yourself in hindsight. 😉

If you are in the UK you can probably find it anywhere magazines are sold, and I believe it might make it over to the US at some retailers too. You can also download a digital copy here through the iTunes App Store (download their free app first and then you can select which issue to purchase, I believe it’s $5.99). And you can order the issue online for £4.99 and have it delivered internationally, too.

I’m just thrilled. I really thought it would be a little blip in a corner of a tucked away page, not an entire page in the middle of the magazine. Thanks so much to Knit Now editor Kate Heppell for contacting me and including me in this magazine.

Well, what can I say, I’m tickled pink!

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