1950s wedding guest attire

Saturday, I had the immense pleasure of attending my cousin’s wedding in Santa Fe. We flew out for a long weekend and got to see lots of family (lots!), hang out with my dad, his wife and their two cute dogs, eat a ton of fantastic New Mexican food and generally have a ball. You know it’s a nice trip when you’re eating some of your favorite food and having a margarita within an hour or so of landing!

Tomacita's margarita

Sadly, I was bad at taking photos (it was kind of a one event to the next type of a weekend) (and who am I kidding, I’ve gotten to be terrible at taking photos when out and about!), but at least I can show off one snapshot of my well-planned outfit, which was highlighted by a gorgeous 1950s lace overlay dress from Stutterin Mama, in wonderful condition (the spot you see on the photo below is just the light). The only bad thing was that I stupidly forgot to wear the matching belt. And if you know vintage dresses, you know how the belts are often in crummy shape… but this one was perfect! Ah well.

For more formal attire (something I rarely find myself inβ€”not even at my own wedding!), of course you have to think long and hard about underpinnings. Fortunately this dress came with a crinoline that hooked at center back, but was pinned into the waistband. Clever, and it also means I can repurpose it in another dress or skirt in the future if I’d like (perhaps the original intention?). Stockings were a no brainer. So the only thing I needed was a long line strapless bra: the yoke was only covered by the lace overlay, and the back was open from the nape of the neck halfway down the back. There was lots of back-and-forth on Instagram about this because my initial purchase of a Goddess longline bra was a failure, but the Carnival one I ordered was perfect (goes up to a D cup).

I added a vintage brooch that was an anniversary gift, simple pointy black flats (sorry, they didn’t make it into the photo but you know what pointy black flats look like), and faux pearl earrings. I set my hair two days before, and swept it back into a curled ponytail the day of the wedding. My hairstyle was vetted earlier that week with the help of Rochelle, ha ha! I wanted something a little more casual so I had a nice quotient of dressy but no chance for overshadowing anyone in the wedding party, you know? And I think it worked out great. My hair is long enough now that towards the end of a set, it still holds enough curl (with September’s perm) that I can pull that off pretty nicely, so I’ve found myself wearing my hair like this a lot lately.

All in all, I love how this outfit came together! And I’m pretty sure when my mom sees this photo, she’s going to say how much I look like my grandmother. πŸ˜‰

1950s wedding guest attire

outfit details:

1950s dress: Stutterin Mama
faux fur shrug: Tion Design
1940s alligator purse: Midwest Vintage Clothing, Jewelry & Textile Show
vintage brooch: a gift from Mel
faux pearl earrings: miscellany
black pointy flats that you can’t see: Nine West


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